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Clean Room Fogger, CRF-2 Video is described above. The CRF-2 Cleanroom Fogger produces about 9cfm of medium density fog for about 60 minutes providing airflow visualization, using DI Water or Pharmaceutical, Water for Injection (WFI). The white polypropylene enclosure is light weight and resistant to bacteria growth. The CRF-2 does not use Stainless Steel due to added weight. When handling Stainless Steel metal enclosures with bare fingers, the ammonium nitrates on our fingers, creates an acid when contacting the SS metal surface. The finger print appears to be wiped off, but the acid eats into the SS surface over time, leaving the fingerprints imbedded on the SS metal surface, which can not be wiped away. In addition, the CRF-2 produces more fog than most foggers using SS enclosures. The Optional Fog Curtain Wand is used to convert the stream fog to a wide pattern, curtain fog. The optional Rolling Carry/Storage case is used to store the DI water fogger and accessories in a protected carrier to safely transport the CRF-2. The optional Remote ON/Off Power Cable is used to set up the fogger for operation behind a closed room, while operating the clean room fogger from up to 5 meters distance. Call Applied Physics, Inc. on questions at (719) 428-4042.

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