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We provide Cleanroom Foggers, DI Water Foggers, Ultrapure Foggers, LN2 foggers and CO2 Foggers to visualize airflow and turbulence in smoke studies of cleanrooms, ISO suites, sterile rooms and medical rooms. ISO 14644-3, Annex B.7 Airflow Direction Test and Visualization is supported; as well as airflow recovery tests for ISO 14644-3, Annex B.12. USP 797 Insitu Airflow Analysis and USP 800 Compound Pharmacy guidelines refer to requirements for airflow tests. We also provide dry foggers for room sanitization and decontamination in area volumes of 700 cubic feet to clean rooms with volumes of 350000 cubic feet. Our Calibration Wafer Standards support particle size accuracy of KLA-Tencor Surfscan SP1, SP2, SP3, SP5 and SP5xp wafer inspection systems. Also provided for size accuracy are PSL Wafer Standards and Silica Contamination Wafer Standards.

Applied Physics, Inc.

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Applied Physics, Inc.

400 N County Road 2 East, Monte Vista, CO 81144  USA

CRF4 Clean room Fogger
AP35 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger
AP35 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger

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