Killing aerosol viruses and surface viruses is best accomplished using a dry fogger. Dry Fogging, by definition, means to generate aerosol droplets at 10 microns or less in diameter. This small diameter has too little mass to be pulled to the ground by gravity; thus liquid droplets at 10 microns or less tend to float and evaporate into the airflow. A Dry Fog ensures the disinfecting liquid mixed with a pure water comes in contact with a much larger airflow volume, which permits the disinfecting component to come in contact with airflow and surface viruses, far more effective than spray foggers that wet the surface only. Many companies offer spray foggers, which by definition emit droplets larger than 10 microns in diameter. The problem with sprayers is that the spray emitted is composed of large droplets, typically 30 – 70 microns in diameter, which are pulled by gravity to the ground. These large droplets then soak into the ground or rug, and the disinfecting component in the water has little potential to kill viruses.

DryFoggers come in a variety of designs, the most potable is the portable, backpack, battery operated, DryFogger, model # PBDF. This portable fogger operates at 10 micron droplet diameter. The beauty of the PBDF DryFogger is that you can use it almost anywhere, comfortably holding the weight on your back and shoulders. Nearly all portable devices are actually spray foggers with large 35 to 70 micron droplets that land on the ground and soak into the floor material; whereas the PBDF operates at 10 microns to produce a fog that floats into the airflow to evaporate into a much larger disinfecting invisible cloud to contact viruses on surfaces and in the airflow. The DF2S Dry Fogger is designed with a 7.5 micron visible vapor droplet output, and when mixed with Minncare sterilant at a typical 3-7% in deionized water or WFI water, the droplets evaporate into the airflow, creating a much larger, invisible sanitizing volume up to 30,000 cubic feet in volume. TWhen used with the DF2S, Minncare sterilant is 99.997% effective at killing spores, molds, fungi and viruses such as coronavirus, so the DF2S is a highly effective DryFogger to kill viruses in large, enclosed areas. The DF2S is an industrial sanitizing tool used in pharmaceutical spaces, business offices and large enclosed manufacturing areas. The CRF4S Dry Fogger emits an 8 micron visible vapor droplet. The liquid is mixed with your preferred disinfecting liquid, typically at 1 – 3 % , evaporates to form up to 10,000 cubic feet of invisible sanitizing vapor when mixed. You can disinfect large areas with a DF2S, or disinfect offices and rooms with the CRFS, or go totally portable and use the PBDF portable dry fogger.


Sterilizing Fogger Price and Performance Comparison

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