Applied Physics, Inc. (ÅP™) can be reached at (719) 428-4042 and has been in business since 1992 providing aerosol impactors, such as the MOUDI Cascade Impactor and Nano-MOUDI impactor to Science Universities and Government laboratories. Cleanroom foggers and Di Water foggers are provided to visualize airflow and air turbulence in Semiconductor fabs and pharmaceutical labs. The Model 2300 NPT-2 PSL and Particle Deposition System is used by Semiconductor Device manufacturers to calibrate the size response curves of KLA-Tencor SP1, SP2 and SPX Wafer Inspection Systems; as well as Topcon, Hitachi and ADE Scanning Surface Inspection Systems. 2300 NPT-2E Edge Deposition tools deposit Si, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Si3N4, Ti, W, Cu and Tantalum particles on the silicon wafer edge and bevel to calibrate Rudolph, KLA-Tencor and Raytex edge inspection tools. Metrology managers can reduce wafer particle contamination by investigating particle migration from the wafer edge to the device chip on the silicon wafer. 2300 NPT-2W WET Particle Deposition tools bond process particles onto the wafer surface with a variety of wet liquids.


We also supply CVD Liquid Vaporizers to improve semiconductor ALD films and atomic layer deposition processes such as TEOS and BPSG films. Turbo Vaporizers support thin film deposition for amorphous Si (a-Si) and polycrystalline Si, thin-film solar cells and solar panel processes to improve solar energy conversion efficiency. When using an ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger or DI Water Fogger in the semiconductor cleanroom or pharmaceutical lab, cleanroom managers can monitor airflow turbulence around process tools in the cleanroom. The Next Generation Impactor and Sample Recovery Systems classify particles for metered-dose inhaler and dry powder inhaler applications in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Distributors are located in Munich, Canada, South America, Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore and China. All Products are listed at left. Product highlights are shown below.


MOUDI Cascade Impactors

MOUDI Cascade Impactors
Cascade Impactors with sharp cut points for high resolution particle sampling from 10nm to 18um.

We offer all MOUDI Cascade Impactor Models, the
Nano-MOUDI Cascade Impactor and
Non-Rotating Moudi Cascade Impactor

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Cleanroom Foggers

Cleanroom FoggersUltraPure Cleanroom Foggers and DI Water Foggers to visualize airflow and turbulence in Class 1 to class 100,000 cleanrooms.
We offer the a variety of clean room foggers including Model 2001 UltraPure Cleanroom Fogger and
Model 2010, UltraPure Cleanroom Fogger. Here is an overview of Cleanroom Fogger Technology.

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Laser Particle Counters

Laser Particle Counters
Aerosol particle counters provide counting and sizing from 10nm to 10um. Supports smoke stack, SMOG, diesel and atmospheric contamination measurements.
We also offer condensation particle counters.

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PSL Wafer Standards and PSL Spheres

Calibration Wafers

PSL Wafer Standards + Spheres
PSL quick check wafers and PSL Wafer Standards, 
calibration wafers. Duke PSL spheres, 40nm – 4um, pre-mixed or 1% concentration.

Si, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Si3N4, Ti, W, Cu, Ta particles in DiH2O solution.

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Particle Deposition System

PSL Deposition System
We offer particle deposition systems. Produce NIST traceable, PSL Wafer Standards, 20nm to 4um on 200mm &
300mm wafers; calibrate KLA-Tencor, Topcon, ADE Hitachi wafer inspection systems.
Deposit Si, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Si3N4, Ti, W, Cu, Ta Particle Wafers to verify WET Bench cleaning performance, make yield improvements.

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Next Generation Impactors

Next Generation ImpactorsThe Model 170 Next Generation Pharmaceutical Impactor (NGI) is a high-performance, precision, particle-classifying cascade impactor for testing metered-dose, dry-powder, and similar inhaler devices.

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