Nonrotating Impactors

Nonrotating Impactors

Non-Rotating, Cascade Impactor

Nonrotating Impactors cascade impactor operates as does a traditional aerosol particle impactor. In the rotate version, the collection substrates rotate such that each collection substrate stage collects a uniform range of particles across each collection substrate. Non Rotate of the collection substrates directs the particle aerosol stream to one location on the substrate. Thus, a Non-Rotate Impactor is generally used for Mass measurements.

By spreading the particle deposit across a collection substrate, the particle mass can be reduced significantly per square millimeter of surface area. This allows more particle mass to be collected without over saturating to collection substrate, and generally allows a more uniform particle distribution across the substrate, which supports SEM or TEM particle analysis.

Airborne particulate matter affects each of us in numerous ways. Characterizing that particulate matter, in terms of its mass and/or chemical content, gives us insight into ambient air quality, atmospheric science, vehicle emissions, industrial emissions, and other areas.

Impactors have been manufactured by MSP and have been widely used for studying particulate matter in all of these applications and more. Collecting airborne particles in a size-segregated fashion, impactors allow researchers to learn more about the morphology and chemical composition of the particles we breathe.

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