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CENTRA-R60 R120 System

The CENTRA® product has revolutionized the way that pure water is produced, stored and distributed. Instead of a traditionally engineered central lab system, comprising of an untidy grouping of components and pipework, you can now have just one integrated system box

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The CENTRA-R60 and CENTRA-R120 systems are complete water purification, storage, control and distribution systems delivering up to 120 liters per hour of water which has been purified using reverse osmosis, UV photo-oxidization, optional deionization and 0.2 μm filtration. The CENTRA R60 and CENTRA R120 system provides Type II and Type III water to feed large washers, ultrapure water purification systems and dispense points for general laboratory applications. They can deliver up to 120 liters per hour of water which have been purified using a range of technologies.


  • Delivers up to 10 liters per minute of type II water from a distribution loop
  • >10 MΩ-cm, type II water suitable to feed ultra pure water systems and dispense points for general laboratory applications
  • Optimized water purity is maintained using a combination of water purification technologies
  • Reliable continual supply of pure water using unique access controls and leak detection system with optional building management system (BMS) connectivity
  • Compact design enables the system to be placed close to work areas
  • Full service and validation support