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DF2S DryFog Disinfectant Fogger



(Also, Our New, Low Cost, Portable, Battery-Operated, Backpack Decontamination Dry Fogger)

Why the DF2S is a valuable Decontaminating Fogger :

  1. Decontaminate large areas up to 35,000 Cubic ft/cycle, operated with Remote Control for 360 degree coverage and vertical coverage
  2. 40 gallons concentrated Minncare Sterilant optional, EPA Registered, tested against and kills Coronavirus, fungi, spores, molds, bio-organisms
  3. With a 3.5% Minncare mix in Distilled water, DF2S provides a typical 7 million total cubic feet sterilization using 40 gallons Minncare
  4. Use 3 – 10% Minncare Sterilant in purified water to fight Coronavirus and COVID-19
  5. Stainless steel DF2S rolls easily from point to point to sanitize very large areas. Uses compressed air only and comes with Air Quality Test Instruments
  6. Use in medium to large office areas, work areas, hospitals, medical facilities, pharmaceutical ISO Suites and Sterile Rooms
  7. Compare the DF2S to low cost humidifiers to uncertified, converted humidifiers that have no sterilant EPA Registration, no Sterilant MSDS & SDS. Humidifiers provide a single direction fog output rather than 360 degrees, requires water hose input, a compressor line input and electrical input for operation. Drag that around all day!


DF2S Dry Fogger provided with 6 atomizing nozzles to create a decontaminating fog to kill coronavirus, as the Coronavirus technical paper reports. The DF2S can use hydrogen peroxide at 3.5% mixture to sterilize plant leaves from unwanted sporicidal growth, sanitize, hemp and cannabis leaves. Even better and less expensive, use Minncare sterilant to kill more than 99.997% of yeast, mold, envelope viruses, viruses, fungi and bacteria. The decontaminating fog evaporates to about 35,000 cubic foot vapor to contact all surface areas, wall surfaces and appliances in that closed area, contacting all accessible surfaces to kill off over 99.997% of bacteria, molds, yeast and fungi. Once a room is sanitized after a 30-90 minute cycle, the air system is turned back on to remove vapor with necessary room air exchanges, allowing staff to return back to the room for operation. No residue is left behind, and the DF2S with Minncare sterilant is fast and a far more effective decontaminating tool than humidifiers converted to a sterilization function, offering no EPA Registration, no MSDS or SDS sterilant documents suggested for use with a converted humidifier. The DF2S Decontaminating Fogger uses Minncare Sterilant, which is EPA Registered. Minncare has been proven effective in killing off the coronavirus aggressively within a 3-5 minutes. The recent COVID-19 coronavirus is a similar envelope virus as the original coronavirus.


DF2S Operation Costs

DF2S Operation Costs


Dryfog Disinfectant Fogger

DF2S Decontaminating Fogger generates

≈ 11.1 cubic meters of visible sterilant fog / minute, which evaporates and exponentially expands to cover ≈ 35,000 cubic feet per operating cycle of 90 minutes. The DF2S uses a solution of Minncare sterilant in Purified Water or Deionized Water to kill viruses, envelope viruses such as Coronavirus, bacterial growth, molds, spores, fungus and bio-organisms @ 99.997% efficiency. With 40 gallons Minncare provided, the total sterilant volume provided is about 7 Million cubic feet.

What are key advantages using a cold sterilant as compared to vaporizers and back pack sprayers?

  1. No Residue left behind on walls and surfaces
  2. Minncare sterilant is highly effective against viruses, but can also use hydrogen peroxide only
  3. Minncare has EPA Reg. NO.: 52252-4; EPA Est. NO.: 52252-MN-01; MSDS Available
  4. No preventive maintenance as with electro-spray vaporizer sterilizing machines
  5. Liquid sterilant converted to 7.5 micron aerosol, which then evaporates, going into all open areas, killing mold, viruses, yeast, fungi, gray mold, bacteria
  6. 100% vapor deployment throughout the area, behind appliances, under desks, on ceiling lights, wall switches, ceiling corners, walls
  7. Easy rapid deployment of sterilant followed by 5 changes of room airflow by HVAC or assisting fans
  8. 99.997% prevention of unwanted bio-organisms in medical rooms, hospitals, business offices, work areas, pharma sterile rooms
  9. Helps to sanitize plant leaves and vegetables using H2O2 to kill unwanted fungi, molds and bio-organisms

What are key Biological Reasons to use the DF2S Dry Fogger?

  1. Disrupts Sulfhydrl (-SH) and Sulfur (S-S) bonds in proteins and enzymes
  2. USP 1072 recommends a daily bactericidal disinfectant combined with a weekly or monthly use of a sporicidal agent
  3. Minncare penetrates the outer cell membrane allowing hydrogen peroxide to kill the inner cell in viruses and envelope viruses
  4. Destroys cellular activity by rupture or dislocation of cell walls, thus destroying yeast, envelope viruses such as coronavirus, mold, fungi and bacteria
  5. 99.997% kill rate for spores, fungus, molds, viruses, envelop viruses and bio-organisms
  6. Far more effective than spray sanitizers which simply wet the surfaces with ineffective mild chemicals
  7. Far more effective than chlorine based sterilants, as the chlorine molecules rise to the top atmosphere depleting Earth’s OZONE protection
  8. Minncare dissolves into hydrogen, oxygen and a form of vinegar, unlike chlorine, which stays in our atmosphere

Compare DF4S and DF2S Dry Fogger performance


Product ModelDF4S Decontaminating DryFog SystemDF2S Decontaminating Dry Fogger
Sanitizing FOG Minutes~ 60-90 minutes / single cycle, AutoRepeat cycles available~ 90 minutes per cycle
Sterilant FOG, Cubic MetersFrom 100,000 cubic meters to 3,000,000 cubic meters sterilant fog~ 11.1 Cubic Meters/Min., sterilant fog
Total Sterilant Vapor Volume ~ 10,200 cubic meters per cycle. Auto Refill and Restart available to achieve to up to 3,000,000 cubic meters / operation~ 1000 cubic meters / cycle. Refill manually and restart as needed.
Typical volume of sterilant used per cycle35 liters to 300 liters sterilant solutions, depending on DF4S model selected, up to 5000 liters optionally22 liter sterilant solutions are standard
Aerosol Fog Droplet size~ 7.5 micron~ 7.5 microns
Typical Sterilant Used Minncare EPA Reg. NO.: 52252-4; EPA Est. NO.: 52252-MN-01Minncare EPA Reg. NO.: 52252-4; EPA Est. NO.: 52252-MN-01
Adjustable Airflow Velocity and Fog Volume Yes, thru wireless remote controlConstant fog volume output, controlled by air compressor, (dry air compressor recommended)
Fogger TechnologyAerosol + Evaporation creates sterilant fog, which exponentially evaporates to 100,000 - 3,000,000 volume sterilant vapor, depending on DF4S model purchasedAerosol + Evaporation creates sterilant fog, which exponentially evaporates to a 35,000 cubic foot sterilant vapor
Water UsedDistilled water is ideal or De-ionized Water, WFI water or sterile water. Tap Water should not be used due to chlorine in tap water.Distilled water is ideal or De-ionized Water, WFI water or sterile water. Tap Water should not be used due to chlorine in tap water.
Where used Large conference centers, manufacturing areas, warehouses, airports, indoor stadiumsLarge office areas, medical rooms, hospital rooms, work areas, warehouses
AutoclavableNoYes, Autoclavable
Compatible Guidelines ISO 14644-3, USP 797ISO 14644-3, USP 797
Compatible Guidelines Check with Local/State Health for any compliance requirementsCheck with Local/State Health for any compliance requirements
Oil Free, Compressor Requirements 60 to 250 SCFM Dry Air Compressor at 110 psi, includes wireless control, depending on DF4S model purchasedDF2S requires external, 15 SCFM Dry Air Compressor at 75 psi, remote control for On/Off control
Sterilant Tank Volumeup to 5000 liters22 liters volume
Typical Sterilant Concentration Minncare Sterilant is mixed from 3 % to 7.0 % in purified water. H2O2 is typically mixed from 3.5% to 35% solution in distilled / purified waterMinncare Sterilant is mixed from 3 % to 7.0 % in purified water
Operator ControlWireless Remote ControlOperated by separate Dry Air Compressor and Remote Control
Remote ControlWireless Remote control of fog volume & airflowWireless Remote Control of On/Off
HandlingRolls on a 4 wheel baseRolls on a 4 wheel base
Enclosure316L Stainless Steel, electro-polish316L Stainless Steel, electro-polish
Power VAC120, 220, 100 VAC120, 220, 100 VAC to Compressor only
Full Weight~ 150 to 2000 lbs, depending on DF4S model purchased~ 110 lbs
Accessories12 Accessories12 Accessories

DF2S Dry Fog Disinfectant and Room Sanitizer Fogger –
A Better Way to Disinfect ISO Suites, Sterile Rooms, Medical Rooms and Compound Pharmacies

  • EPA Registered
  • 700 + DF2S Dry Fog machines are now used in the Pharmaceutical industry to support USP 1072
  • Superior “DryFog” Delivery System
  • Better Dispersion than “Wet” Systems
  • Effective for small to very large areas: 7000 cubic feet to 35,000 cubic feet
  • Effective for small enclosures also
  • Better for Critical Applications
  • Less Preparation Work
  • Less Corrosion

DF2S Sanitizing Fog Provides Superb Aerosol Dispersion Throughout Room

  • Dry Fog Creates a Vapor State
    • Disperses Throughout the Room More Completely Than a Liquid Mist
  • Better Dispersion Equals Much More Surface Contact
    • Ability to Contact Hard to Reach Surfaces that people can not reach
      • On light fixtures and ceiling lights
      • Under tables
      • Behind appliances and cabinets
  • Less Condensation
    • Few Items Need to be Covered Before Fog Application

Benefits of DF2S Dry Fog, Room Sanitizer, Sterilizing Dry Fogger

  • Superior Biocidal Activity to kill yeast, mold, fungi and bacteria
  • All Components are Ultra-pure, Pharmaceutical Quality
  • US EPA (Environment Protection Agency) Registered Sterilant
  • No Heavy Metal Trace Contamination / Stabilizers.
  • Biodegradable – Decomposes to Acetic Acid, Water and Oxygen
  • No Toxic Aldehyde Type Vapors, Easy to Vent
  • Validated Residual Vapor Detection System

DF2S Dry Fogger

  • Machines
    • 6 Atomizing Nozzles per Machine to decontaminate areas up to 35,000 cubic feet in volume
  • Accessories
    • Dry Fog Remote Control
    • Dry Fog Vapor Detection System
    • Cable-Free Thermo Hygrometer and Sensors
    • Test Strips for Air Quality tests after DF2S has finished decontamination
  • Service Parts
    • Nozzles, Gaskets, O-Rings, etc.

NO CHANCE For Micro-Organisms to Build a Resistance When Using Dry Fogger

Dry Fog Surface Residuals

  • Much Less Than Levels Found in OTC Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions After Venting
    • OTC Concentration = 3%
      • Mar Cor Purification Tests Show
        • 0.01% on Glass
        • 0.02% on Paper
        • 0.04% on Cotton

Dry Fog Environmental Testing (Safety)

  • Oral toxicity
  • Inhalation Toxicity Testing
  • Skin Irritation
  • Mucous Membrane Sensitivity Tests
  • Dermatological Testing
  • IV Toxicity Testing

Sep Up and Process Operation

Amount of Minncare: 1.5 ml / M³ of Room Volume
Total Solution Volume: Function of the Initial RH
Ideal Initial Relative Humidity: 40-50%
Ideal Room Temperature: 20-25°C

Fog Dispersion Time: 15 – 120 min
Exposure Time: 1 hour
Venting Time: 0.5 – 2 hours
TOTAL PROCESS TIME: Typical 2 – 5 hours (including venting)


Process Recipe – Software Operational Support

  • System Setup
    • Mix of Minncare Disnfectant solution and Water
    • Estimated Diffusion Times
  • Reports
    • Actual Cycle Results (Actual Diffused Volume, Time, etc)
    • Room Configuration
    • Tracking of Room Relative Humidity
    • Customizable Reports
      • Chemical Measurements
      • Residuals
      • Customer Defined Factors

Compare performance of Biocides typically used: WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER TO USE?

Activities of the most important biocides

The 7.5 micron aerosol droplets have surface tension, thus bounce off surfaces preventing wetting

Surface Tensions prevents surface contact

7.5 micron droplets evaporate to forma very large disinfecting vapor to reach every point in the room

  • The Dry Fog System Produces 7.5 µm Droplets
    • Droplets Behave Like Gas Particles
      • Bounce Off Surfaces
      • Do Not Wet Surfaces
    • Float in the Air Due to Brownian Motion.

Liquid Disinfectant droplets are large, bursting on contact with surfaces, creating unwanted residuals

Wet Fog droplets are large


  • Surface Wiping – does not come into contact with all surfaces thus micro-organism growth occurs after wipe down
  • Manual Spraying (with Spray Bottles) – Moist Spray comes into contact with surfaces leaving residue, does not contact all surfaces
  • Heating Process (Vaporization) – requires raised temperature in room being Disinfected
  • Cold Process – Wet fogging

Chemical Products Currently Used:

  • hydrogen peroxide
  • Formaldehyde based
  • Gluteraldehyde based
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • Cocktails of the above

Current Problems:

  • Long Venting time
  • Neutralization Needed
  • Corrosion of metal surfaces
  • Variety of Chemicals used
  • Residual contamination

BENEFITS of DF2S DRY FOG, Room Sanitizer

  • Superior Biocidal Activity
  • All Components are Ultra-pure, Pharmaceutical Quality
  • US EPA (Environment Protection Agency) Registered Sterilant
  • No Heavy Metal Trace Contamination / Stabilizers.
  • Biodegradable – Decomposes to Acetic Acid, Water and Oxygen
  • No Toxic Aldehyde Type Vapors, Easy to Vent
  • Validated Residual Vapor Detection System

Benefits of Dry Fog Disinfectant Fogger

Dry Fog Biocidal Activity

Hydrogen Peroxide with paracetic acid is a potent antimicrobial disinfectant agent and is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including:

Yeast and Molds
Bacteria Spores


DF2S DryFog Decontaminating Fogger from Applied Physics Inc.


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