Elga CENTRA® R 200, 115V

The Elga Centra® R 200 is an integrated purification, storage and distribution system providing type I and type II water. This unit will feed large washers, ultra pure water purification systems and dispense points for all research laboratory applications.


Applied Physics Water Technologies provides Elga Labwater products for customers inside the United States and Canada only. For sales or service outside of the US and Canada please contact Elga Labwater directly.





  • Delivers up to 38 liters per minute of type I and type II water from a distribution loop
  • Up to 18.2 Megaohm-cm, type I and type II water suitable to feed ultra pure water systems and dispense points for all research laboratory applications
  • Optimized water purity is maintained using a combination of water purification technologies
  • Feeds multiple laboratories across several floors
  • Reliable continual supply of pure water using unique access controls and leak detection system with optional building management system (BMS) connectivity
  • Cost-effective when compared to traditional central systems
  • Full service and validation support
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