Elga MEDICA® R 15 w/Raw Water Boost Pump


The Elga MEDICA® R 15 is a compact, high performance water purification system that directly feeds Clinical Diagnostic Analyzers with up to 1.8 l/min of CLSI type 1 water with a productivity of 15 l/hr. Innovative technology, combined with exceptional build quality, makes the MEDICA® R 15 a highly reliable and cost-effective choice.

Material: W2T167715 Unit of Measure #: EA



Legacy Material ID


Product Features

  • Delivers up to 1.8 liters per minute of CLRW standard water (formally CLSI Type 1 water)
  • Provides compliant purified water suitable for a dissolved oxygen specification
  • A bypass loop for continual supply of compliant water in emergency situations to the analyzer
  • Low running and consumable costs
  • Compact size makes it suitable to be installed under a bench or mounted on a wall
  • Full service and validation support
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