High Pressure Diffuser Set for Microbial and TAP Testing – 28.3/50 LPM




Microbial and total particulate (TAP) testing procedures with this High-Pressure Diffuser Set designed for 28.3/50 LPM flow rates. The set includes essential components for efficient inlet and outlet connections, ensuring accurate and reliable testing results.

Key Components:

  1. Sanitary Inlet Adapter: Crafted from 316SS electropolished stainless steel, the inlet adapter provides a secure and sanitary connection point for introducing samples into the testing system.
  2. Barbed Outlet Adapters: The set includes stepped barbed outlet adapters made from 316SS electropolished stainless steel. These adapters accommodate three tubing sizes (0.250″, 0.375″, and 0.500″ inner diameter), ensuring compatibility with various tubing setups.
  3. O-rings: Two O-rings are included to ensure proper sealing between the components, preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of the testing system.

Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your microbial and TAP testing procedures with this High-Pressure Diffuser Set.

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