High Pressure Diffuser Set for Microbial & TAP Testing – 75/100 LPM


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Microbial and total particulate (TAP) testing processes with this High-Pressure Diffuser Set are designed for 75/100 LPM flow rates. This set includes essential components for efficient inlet and outlet connections, ensuring accurate and reliable testing results.

Key Components:

  1. Sanitary Inlet Adapter: Crafted from 316SS electropolished stainless steel, the inlet adapter provides a secure and sanitary connection point for introducing samples into the testing system.
  2. Barbed Outlet Adapters: The set includes barbed outlet adapters made from 316SS electropolished stainless steel, specifically sized for 0.500″ inner diameter tubing. These adapters ensure a secure connection for efficient sample extraction.
  3. O-Rings: Two O-rings are included to facilitate proper sealing between the components, preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of the testing system.

Upgrade your microbial and TAP testing procedures with this High-Pressure Diffuser Set. With its high-quality construction and precise compatibility

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