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PURELAB Chorus® 1 System

When you require the ultimate in water purity, PURELAB Chorus® 1 system provides the perfect solution. Consistently delivering water purity of 18.2 MΩ.cm (Type I+/I) and underpinned by the advanced PureSure® deionization system, the PURELAB Chorus 1 system enables you to focus on attaining accurate results while ensuring an uninterrupted workflow



  • Advanced PureSure Deionization Eliminates trace ions that leach into your water and provides advanced warning to change the purification pack
  • Fully Recirculating Ensuring microbial purity and guaranteeing pure water at the point-of-use.
  • Real-time TOC Monitoring Provides complete confidence in organic purity.
  • Data Capture Data capture via USB for system performance validation and software updates.
  • Integrated Filtration Ultrafiltration or microfiltration filters out endotoxins, proteins, nucleases, and particulates


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