RCG Dome Assembly for 28.3 LPM Sampling – Complete Solution for Clear and Precise Sampling




RCG Dome Assembly tailored for 28.3 LPM sampling requirements. This comprehensive assembly includes essential components designed to facilitate clear, accurate, and efficient sampling procedures

Key Components:

  1. Clear Polycarbonate Dome: The transparent polycarbonate dome offers excellent durability and visibility, allowing for clear observation of sampling processes. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing reliable protection for sampling equipment.
  2. Aluminum Barbed Inlet Adapter: Equipped with an aluminum barbed inlet adapter, this assembly ensures seamless compatibility with standard sampling equipment. The adapter facilitates easy connection and secure attachment, enhancing overall sampling efficiency.
  3. Retention Ring and Spacer: The inclusion of a retention ring and spacer ensures secure fastening and optimal positioning of the dome within the sampling setup. This component helps maintain stability and alignment, minimizing the risk of displacement during sampling operations.
  4. Polycarbonate Distance Indicator: Enhance precision and accuracy in sampling procedures with the polycarbonate distance indicator.
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