Silica Nanoparticles at 170nm in 15ml Deionized Water


Repeatable, batch to batch, Silica particle Diameter size

Silica nano-particles are spherical in design and very uniform in size

Typical <3% Peak Size Distribution Width above 100nm 40nm to 2um Sizes available with 15ml of Di Water and 10% SiO2 concentration 40nm to 30um Sizes available in 1Kg increments of Dry Silica nanoparticles Ultra-High Size Purity of 99.997 percent Refractive Index of SiO2 (n=1.46), very close to Polystyrene Latex (n=1.585) @ 633nm laser wavelength Calibration Curves between SiO2 and PSL Spheres is cose, allowing highly accurate, SiO2 size calibration


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