Thermal Label Roll for V100 and P100 Printers with Black Mark Detection




Thermal Label Roll is designed for use with V100 and P100 printers, featuring advanced features such as Black Mark Detection and Tear Off capability. This roll provides convenient and reliable printing of thermal labels, ensuring smooth operations in various settings.

Key Features:

  1. Black Mark Detection: The thermal label roll is equipped with Black Mark Detection technology, allowing the printer to accurately detect the position of the labels. This ensures precise printing alignment and minimizes errors, resulting in professional-looking labels with every print.
  2. Tear Off Feature: With the Tear Off feature, each label can be easily separated from the roll after printing. This eliminates the need for manual cutting and streamlines the labeling process, saving time and improving efficiency in labeling tasks.
  3. Compact Size: Each label on the roll measures 2.25 inches in width by 1.25 inches in outer diameter (31.75 mm), making it suitable for a wide range of labeling applications. The compact size ensures compatibility with various labeling requirements while maximizing the number of labels per roll.
  4. High-Quality Thermal Printing: The labels are designed for thermal printing, ensuring crisp and clear print quality. Whether printing text, barcodes, or graphics, the thermal printing technology delivers legible and professional results, enhancing the overall presentation of labeled items.
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