V100 Air Sampler Controller for Mass Flow-Controlled Sampling Rates (28.3, 50, 100 LPM)



  • Mass Flow Controlled Sample Rates: Supports sample rates of 28.3, 50, and 100 LPM for versatile air sampling applications.
  • Compatibility: Designed to operate RCG, RAS, and R2S Air Samplers, offering flexibility in sampling methods.
  • Color LCD with Touch Screen Interface: User-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring.
  • Sanitizable Enclosure: Constructed with Kydex™ material featuring MICROBAN™ for easy sanitization.
  • On-Screen Sample Tracking: Allows real-time tracking of samples for enhanced monitoring.
  • Remote Operation: Can operate a single air sampler from up to 85’ (25m) with optional power/vacuum cables.
  • Multi-Head Operation: Supports operation of up to 2 sampler heads at 28.3 and 50 LPM (optional) and up to 4 sampler heads at 28.3 LPM (optional).
  • Active Monitoring Period: Offers 0-120 minutes of active monitoring per test period, with pause/resume capability.
  • Custom Programmability: Provides custom test delay, hold, and run programmability for tailored sampling procedures.
  • Printer Outputs: Equipped with an on-board paper/label printer for key sample parameter outputs.
  • Sample Memory Buffer: Stores more than 300 samples for data logging.
  • Connectivity Options: Includes Ethernet and USB connectivity for calibration and firmware updates.
  • Transport Features: Comes with a transport mount for R2S and RCG, along with a retractable transport handle.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighs 12 pounds with dimensions of 10L x 9W x 8H, ensuring portability.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Operates at 100-240VAC @ 60Hz/50Hz input, accommodating various power sources.
  • HEPA Filtered Exhaust: Utilizes a 0.2 Micron HEPA filtered exhaust for clean air output.

Note: IR remote, labels/paper rolls, cable/vacuum sets, and calibration are not included.

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