DF4S DryFog Decontamination Fogger

Why the DF4S is a valuable Decontaminating Fogger

  1. 40 gallons concentrated Minncare Sterilant provided, EPA Registered, tested against and kills Coronavirus, fungi, spores, molds, bio-organisms
  2. Decontaminate large areas up to 35,000 Cubic ft/cycle, operated with Remote Control for 360 degree coverage and vertical coverage
  3. With a 3.5% Minncare mix in Distilled water, DF2S provides a typical 7 million total cubic feet sterilization using 40 gallons Minncare
  4. Use 3 – 10% Minncare Sterilant in purified water to fight Coronavirus and COVID-19
  5. Stainless steel DF2S rolls easily from point to point to sanitize very large areas. Uses compressed air only and comes with Air Quality Test Instruments
  6. Use in medium to large office areas, work areas, hospitals, medical facilities, pharmaceutical ISO Suites and Sterile Rooms
  7. Compare the DF2S to low cost humidifiers to uncertified, converted humidifiers that have no sterilant EPA Registration, no Sterilant MSDS & SDS. Humidifiers provide a single direction fog output rather than 360 degrees, requires water hose input, a compressor line input and electrical input for operation. Drag that around all day!


DF2S Dry Fogger provided with 6 atomizing nozzles to create a decontaminating fog to kill coronavirus, as the Coronavirus technical paper reports. The DF2S can use hydrogen peroxide at 3.5% mixture to sterilize plant leaves from unwanted sporicidal growth, sanitize, hemp and cannabis leaves. Even better and less expensive, use Minncare sterilant to kill more than 99.997% of yeast, mold, envelope viruses, viruses, fungi and bacteria. The decontaminating fog evaporates to about 35,000 cubic foot vapor to contact all surface areas, wall surfaces and appliances in that closed area, contacting all accessible surfaces to kill off over 99.997% of bacteria, molds, yeast and fungi. Once a room is sanitized after a 30-90 minute cycle, the air system is turned back on to remove vapor with necessary room air exchanges, allowing staff to return back to the room for operation. No residue is left behind, and the DF2S with Minncare sterilant is fast and a far more effective decontaminating tool than humidifiers converted to a sterilization function, offering no EPA Registration, no MSDS or SDS sterilant documents suggested for use with a converted humidifier. The DF2S Decontaminating Fogger uses Minncare Sterilant, which is EPA Registered. Minncare has been proven effective in killing off the coronavirus aggressively within a 3-5 minutes. The recent COVID-19 coronavirus is a similar envelope virus as the original coronavirus.



DF2S Operation Costs

DF2S Operation Costs

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Quanitity Discount 3 + 10%
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