Coronavirus, COVID-19: DF2S Dry Fogger

Covid 19

We recently have seen an significant increase in inquires of the DF2S Dry fog sterilization fogger and the Mini Dryfog Disinfectant Machine with the recent outbreak off the Coronavirus and folks looking for a COVID-19 solution. The DF2S was tested years ago on the original Coronavirus, an envelope virus; and the DF2S killed the original Caronavirus in less than a minute with aggressive sterilant. The new COVID 19 is similar to the original envelope virus.

The coronavirus has been around for many years, detected originally as the carrier for common colds and flus. But the COVID-19 strain is a far more aggressive. Many people are asking how to disinfect their tables, furniture walls, patient receiving areas and medical areas. Many sterilant companies are rightfully offering solutions to kill this new novel COVID-19 strain using Clorox wipes, i.e. wipe downs of surfaces. But the question arises, how can one wipe down the total area that may have been infected by a person with the virus, who just arrived in a medical area and who is coughing/sneezing, touching surfaces, etc. Coughing and sneezing is an aerosol emission from the lungs and mouth, and in the case of COVID-19, the virus would travel for a short distance and land on a physical surface in the home or medical area. It would seem wiping down surfaces that you think may be contaminated is not the best approach, given it is not possible to wipe down 100% of the area of concern. You can’t assume that wiping down a table, or entry way is a solution, when coughing emits phlegm and sputum to all surface areas, 360 degrees around a person, ceiling to floor, and behind appliances and instruments.

The DF2S Dry Fogger is aimed specifically at sterilizing large areas from 7000 cubic feet to 35000 cubic feet, emitting a highly effective aerosol sterilant in a 360 degree pattern, of which there are a variety of liquid sterilants to choose from. Minncare is one of those very aggressive sterilants used to destroy unwanted bio-organisms. The Mini-DryFogger is used in small areas under 3000 cubic feet. The point made is that wiping down a surface takes a long time, especially in large areas, and a wipe down can’t achieve anywhere near 100% coverage of surfaces contaminated, such as walls, ceilings, floors, appliances, furniture, ceiling lights, etc. So the use of a DF2S DryFogger and liquid sterilant is the far better method than wiping down an area to remove unwanted bio-organisms. A DF2S Dry Fogger can use hydrogen peroxide solution, or most any, aggressive liquid sterilant, such as Minncare; which is converted from liquid to an aerosol vapor. The aerosol bactericidal disinfectant is directed 360 degrees into open areas of a room (walls, furniture, in front of and behind appliances, ceiling, light fixtures, etc.). The sterilizing vapor evaporates to a gaseous state, coming into contact with all open surfaces in the area to kill yeast, viruses, mold, fungi and bacteria. Wipe downs of an area to remove unwanted bio-organisms is simply not a good approach with this new strain of caronavirus.

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