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3K-4K PSL Particles and Silica Nanospheres

3K-4K PSL Particles and Silica Nanospheres

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3K and 4 K Particle Size Standards for size calibration of laser particle counters and liquid particle counters. Particle size standards are used for calibration of instruments that need a NIST traceable accuracy with narrow size peaks and tight standard deviations. These particle  standards are uniform polystyrene latex spheres produced with NIST traceable, size accuracy. Polystyrene latex beads are used to produce polystyrene latex microspheres are used to produce Calibration Wafer Standards to confirm size accuracy of KLA SP1, KLA SP2, KLA SP3, as well as Hitachi wafer inspection systems. The spherical size standards are also used to create aerosol challenges for the size calibration of laser particle counters and liquid particle counters. Size calibration or SSIS instruments, Surface Scanning Inspection Systems, is required in metrology labs. Polystyrene latex beads and microspheres are also used in laser light scattering studies and colloidal systems research. The 100 nm to 10 micron range of spheres is also convenient to support clinical studies for checking the sizes of bacteria, viruses, ribosome and sub-cellular components. Polystyrene latex particles are available as uniform polymer spheres in a range of discrete sizes from 100nm to 100 microns. The spherical diameters are calibrated with linear dimensions, which are transferred from NIST SRM, size standards. The 3K and 4K microspheres are packaged in Deionized water suspensions in 15 milliliter (mL) dropper-tipped bottles. The particle concentrations are optimized for ease of dispersion and colloidal stability. The spheres have a density of 1.05 g/cm3 and an index of refraction of 1.59 @ 589 nm, measured at 25 degrees centigrade. Each bottle of PSL spheres contains a Certificate of Calibration and Traceability to NIST which includes a description of the calibration method and its uncertainty, and a table of chemical and physical properties. Polystyrene latex beads are lot-numbered for convenient technical service and support after the sale.
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