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P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler

P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler

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Microbial Air Samplers are quite useful and user friendly to collect microbiological, bacterial and fungal contaminants in ISO 5-9 areas, LAF Hood, Barrier Isolator, Aseptic Connection, Media Prep, Fermentation, Buffer Preparation and Purification areas. P100 Portable Microbial Sampler provides anti-microbial monitoring and samples of bacterial and fungal contamination in your Pharmaceutical and BioPharma drug processes.

The P100 Microbial Air Sampler is an portable air sampler with high capture rates and simple operation. It provides convenient portable movement of the air sampler to evaluate Bulk Production Suites, ISO 7-9 suites, Barrier Isolators, Media Prep, Fermentation, Buffer Preparation, Purification, ISO 5 suites, LAF Hoods, Final Filtration and Filling in ISO 5 Filling Lines. Aseptic Connections, ISO 5 through 9 suites, Vessels and Transfer Panels are supported with this portable microbial air sampler. The ISO 6-9 support areas that are adjacent to ISO 5 Hoods, Rooms, Zones, Hallways and air locks are also easily supported by the P100 portable air sampler. QC Product Testing in Sterility Testing Chambers, LAF Hoods and Bio-Safety Cabinets are monitored for unwanted fungal and bacterial bio-organisms. Bulk Filtering areas and Fill areas are supported. In addition, the R&D and Product Development Labs require microbiological air sampling.

Most portable microbial air samplers are not designed for user friendly operation. The P100 was designed with the idea of preventing aerosol exhaust in the production suites. The P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler is designed for portability, long battery life, high capture rates, accurate airflow control, clean operation with no exhaust dumped into the sampling area. Air is pulled into the portable sampler by a vacuum pump and the contaminants in the sampled air flow is captured on or in the test media. The test media is then incubated, to recover Colony Forming Units (CFU), count and determine the quantity of CFU per volume of air sampled. The density of microorganisms per volume of air can be determined, as well as calculating settling rates in product containers and vials. Portable Microbial Air Samplers are designed to provide superb capture efficiency along with user friendly operation and long operational battery life, as well as versatility in the monitoring, dynamic control and useful data feedback. Air Flow is precisely controlled across a wide dynamic air flow volume compared to competitive products. The capture efficiency of the aerosol sample is much higher and quite uniform across the sample substrate; and the contamination sample can be rotated over a specified period of time to identify possible contamination in the microbial air sample as a function over time.

The traditional Slit-to-Agar technology relies on placing an agar plate under the collection slit, draw in a precise volume of air through an correctly sized inlet slit, then accelerating the air flow to a precise capture velocity to provide highly consistent capture efficiency of viable organisms. As the airflow impacts the collection surface it makes a tangent direction change and any suspended particles in the airflow are thrown out of the air flow by inertia and impact on the agar surface. The test plate is rotated under the slit to separate recovery events. The test plate provides a time map feature of the collected bacterial and fungal microorganisms. Portable Microbial Air Samplers have taken the performance to a higher level of functionality and usability by combining portability, user friendly operation, high capture rates, and useful, quick data collection.

P100 Microbial Air Samplers: Features
Portable P100 Microbial Air Sampler

Controlled Sample Rates of 28.3 and 100 LPM
Dimensions: 7.5″ L x 5.5″ W x 6″ H
LCD View Screen w/Touch Screen Interface
Inlet Cover: 300 Holes (appropriately sized for 28.3 or 100 LPM)
Enclosure: Kydex with Microban (anti-microbial protection)
Inlet Cover/Base & Enclosure Base/Handle: Anodized Aluminum
Infrared Remote Control (start/stop/pause/resume)
Adjustable Test Plate/Media Stage (set inlet to test plate gap)
HEPA Filtered Exhaust (w/remote exhaust tubing option)
Tripod Mount Threading (1/4-20)
Microbial Air Sampling for Critical Environments

P100 Data and Communication
Ethernet Port: PC Communication for Single or Multi-Unit Operation via Network (optional), and Data Output to Optional Printer
USB Port: Calibration, Data Retrieval via USB Drive or PC
User Selectable Parameters: Sample Rate, Sample Time or Volume, Delay -Test-Hold, Time Base, Date Format, User ID, etc.
Sample Run Memory (500 Runs) and Critical Sample Run Parameters Captured
Run Data Output to Printer, USB, or PC
Data Control through System Admin/User ID Control (Part 11 Compliant)
Site Description Entry-Maintenance-Capture

P100 Options and Accessories
Portable, Handheld Thermal Paper, Label Printer, Label in Paper Rolls
Software Control for Single or Multi Unit Control
Directional Sample Inlet for Horizontal Flow Sampling
Compressed Air/Gas Sampling Inlet
P100 Carrying Case
Calibration Kit and Software