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19 01, 2023

Quantum computers threaten our whole cybersecurity infrastructure: Here’s how scientists can bulletproof it

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Thirteen, 53, and 433. That's the size of quantum computers in terms of quantum bits, or qubits, which has significantly grown in the last years due to important public and private investments and initiatives. It is not only a mere question of quantity: the quality of the prepared qubits is as important as their number for a quantum computer to beat [...]

19 01, 2023

A new qubit approach for more stable states for quantum computers

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Quantum computers can more rapidly process large amounts of data because they carry out many computation steps in parallel. The information carrier of the quantum computer is a qubit. Qubits do not only possess the information of "0" and "1," but also values in between. However, the difficulty consists in producing qubits that are small [...]

5 01, 2023

Quantum computers can break major encryption method, researchers claim | New Scientist

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It has long been known that one day quantum computers will probably be able to crack the RSA encryption method we use to keep data safe, but a team of researchers is now claiming it is already possible, while others say the results require more scrutiny A group of researchers has claimed that quantum computers [...]