The First Ultrasonic Sterilizing Fogger

With the recent increase in concern with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Dry Fogger DF2S stock is depleted and backorders have started for the DF2S Sterilizing Fogger. The Minncare sterilant has proved capable of killing off 99.997% of yeast, viruses, envelope viruses, mold, fungi and bacteria.

In order to continue serving the needs of our Clients, we are making our CRF4-S Sterilzing Fogger available. It sterilizes up to 10,000 cubic feet per sterilant cycle, and has built in airflow velocity control fog volume control and already had wireless remote control. By utilizing the design of our CRF4 Cleanroom Fogger and repurposing it for sterilization support, the CRF4-S Sterilizing Fogger can be sued to help fight bacterial growth and viruses. For larger areas, you would drain the remaining sterilant solution, refill with 2.5 gallons of cold solution and restart. Accessories include air quality sampling instruments, fogger tools and sterilant solution.

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