The Portable Glycol Fogger, also known as a fog pistol, is used in Industrial clean rooms to visualize airflow leaks and locate turbulence. It is a hand held fogger with battery operation and is used in small industrial areas where airflow leaks need to be found. The portable glycol fogger can also be used airflow hoods. The battery is rechargeable in a typical 1 hour period. Spare batteries are available if there is a need to do longer periods of fogging. The size of the Portable Glycol Fogger fits easily into your hand for movement around the cleanroom area, isolators and fume hoods.

Portable Fogger- Fog Pistol

– Miniaturized clean room fog generator in ‘pistol’ design
– Fog density of 1 ml / minute, 45-60 minute operation
– In silver/grey/blue anodized aluminum
– With fog velocity control, ‘zero momentum’, via sinter element
– 60 ml fluid syringe based refillable tank for non-harmful, CAS clear, DI-water with glycol fluid
– 2 Removable Sinter elements, white
– 1 rechargeable battery, 15V / 3200mAh, 48Wh, CE certified (rechargeable in 60 min)
– 1 battery charger 115V / 230V
– 2 empty syringes, 60 ml for refilling fogger
– 1 Operating Manual
– High and Low Fog Volume Switch

Shipped with Shipping Carrier as shown above.

1) Transport case w/ foam inserts for Portable Glycol Fogger, 250 ml media bottle, 2 Sinter elements.
2) Rechargeable Battery, Optional Battery available
3) Fog Curtain Wand, 3 piece, Plug In, 558mm L x 10mm W
4) 250ml bottle
5) Two Syringes
6) Power Cable
7) Battery Charger, 115 VAC or 220 VAC
8) Portable Glycol Fogger