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Fogger are used to visualize airflow and turbulence in clean rooms, ISO suites and sterile rooms

Applied Physics, Inc. has offered cleanroom foggers since 2001. We also offer portable foggers, CO2 Foggers, ultrapure foggers to visualize airflow and turbulence. Room sanitizers are used to decontaminate unwanted bio contamination from clean rooms.

Established in September 1992 in the State of Colorado, Applied Physics, Inc. has product distribution in Europe, Asia, United States, Canada and South America. ÅP™ is a trademark of Applied Physics, Inc.

Applied Physics, Inc.
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Applied Physics USA


Applied Physics USA Portable cleanroom fogger provided since 2001 for airflow visualization in smoke studies of clean rooms, ISO suites, sterile rooms, barrier isolators and glove boxes. Compare clean room fogger performance for your smoke study. In 2001 portable cleanroom foggers used LN2 and deionized (DI) water to provide a dense constant fog output. Our modern ultrapure foggers include adjustable airflow control, adjustable fog volume and wireless remote control using LN2 and WFI water, DI Water or sterile water. Our LN2 ultrapure fogger includes a rolling trolley, replacing traditional carry handles of the older ln2 fogger. The AP35 and AP100 LN2 ultrapure foggers are the best tools for ultrapure fog and fog volume control with user friendly operation. Both combine LN2 with DI water, sterile water or WFI water vapor to produce high volumes of ultrapure fog. We also provide the lower cost, lower fog volume CRF2 and CRF4, portable foggers; both which use ultrasonic transducers to produce a pure fog for airflow visualization of turbulence in fume hoods ISO suites, sterile rooms, and to balance airflow between rooms and door openings. The CRF4 Cleanroom Fogger is provided with an electro-polished, stainless steel enclosure and is by far our best selling fogger due to its small size, adjustable fog volume, adjustable airflow and wireless remote control. It uses only DI water, sterile water or WFI water to produce an adjustable fog output that can be tuned to your dynamic airflow needs. Our Dry Foggers and portable, battery operated, Backpack Dry Fogger is used to sanitize rooms, buildings, tunnels, foods, food processing and agricultural growths by killing molds, yeasts, fungii, spores, coronavirus, Candida Auris fungus, a harmful form of yeast and similar types of harmful bio-growths, harmful to edible plants, humans and animals.