Applied Physics’s Microbial Air Samplers and Controller Systems were designed to operate in a variety of Critical Environments including LAF Hoods, BSCs, Isolators, Sterility Chambers, Filling Lines, Bulk Production Areas, Surgical Amphitheaters, and Compressed Air/Gas Systems, but are practical for use in almost any environment.


The Applied Physics’s line of Microbial Air Samplers employ streamlined designs and are constructed of virtually particulate free materials, affording minimal disruptive effects on the critical environments in which they may be used.


The Applied Physics’s line of Microbial Air Sampler Controllers consists of the Versatile 100 (V100) and R2S Standard Controller (R2SC), each will operate the full line of microbial air samplers. The V100 is the most Versatile Air Sampler Controller on the market today.


The Applied Physics’s HPD2 Microbial High Pressure Diffuser, with filtered exhaust, is designed to allow for monitoring of Industrial Compressed Air/Gas Systems, for VIABLE/MICROBIAL Particulates(Bacteria, mold) when used in conjunction with the Applied Physics’s P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler at sample rates of 28.3 and 100 LPM,  V100 Controller and RCG Air Sampler, at sample rates of 50 and 100 LPM, and with various Laser Particle Counters at 28.3 LPM (1 CFM), 50, 75, and 100 LPM.

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