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HVAC Sanitize and Decontamination Fogger, HVAC-5um

Applied Physics provides the HVAC Decontamination Fogger using an electrostatic technology to produce 5 micron diameter dry fog used to decontaminate in HVAC systems, Food Processing Tunnels, Bovine Tunnels and Sports Arena Tunnels. It is designed for decontamination and disinfection of areas by generating a dry fog output with a fog droplet size of 5 microns. When using a 5 micron output, the fog produced meets the needs for areas used by humans and animals.  When used with the recirculating functionality of the HVAC system, the HVAC Fogger provides decontamination in the airflow supported by that HVAC system. When using the suggested, non-chemical, all natural Path-Away sterilant, the kill rate of unwanted spores, fungii and growths is extremely high and “kill on contact”, making your plant production increase with healthier plants, no concerns from man-made chemicals when using the suggested “all natural” sterilant. The fog emitted is composed of billions of fog droplets and when mixed with FDA approved disinfecting liquid, purchased separately, the resulting sanitizing fog will evaporate to form a much larger vapor to kill on contact most unwanted bio-organisms, according to the specifications of the disinfecting liquid used. This unit uses a single nozzle output and provides APP remote control, so that you can influence the area of desired control. With a Sterilant reservoir of 5 liters (5000 ml), the HVAC Fogger provides a good level of decontamination in HVAC and tunnel applications. Multiple units can be installed for parallel operation as needed.


This HVAC fogger provides a 5 micron output fog, which floats into the airflow, evaporates into a much larger, invisible, sanitizing vapor cloud to contact every open surface and pathogen in the airflow and kill the unwanted bio-organisms. In order for proper decontamination with a dry fogger output, the Sauter Limit dictates that the droplet diameter should be about 10-micron or less in order to allow for fog suspension. Droplets at 10 micron diameter or less are called a DRY FOG, as the droplets tend to float in to the airflow and evaporate to form much larger volume sanitizing volume. Fog Sprayers are often sold, alluding to a large sanitizing vapor, but fog sprayers have an output of 50 to 70 micron diameter, which is to heavy when sprayed into the airflow, pulled down by gravity to simply WET a surface, making sprayers useless for sanitizing an area and its wall surfaces. When mixing our disinfecting liquid into your pure water, the liquid droplets created by the HVAC Dry Fogger, float into the airflow to evaporate and form an exponentially larger volume of sterilizing vapor. When introduced into an HVAC system, this vapor then comes in contact with accessible surfaces including walls, floors, carpets, curtains, light fixtures, wall switches, ceilings, under furniture, behind appliances, in-ceiling corners, under tables…open surfaces as well as the air molecules in that enclosed area, which carry viruses in that enclosed area. The Dry Fogger can be used in food processing to kill unwanted pathogens on food packaging. It can be used in bovine walking tunnels to significantly reduce bovine pathogens such as hairy wort, mastitus, etc. When the right sterilizing agent is used, the dry fog can kill pathogens such as spores, molds, fungii, coronavirus and pathogens such as Candida Auris. C. Auris is a harmful mold that can enter into the lungs causing breathing difficulty, and can migrate into the bloodstream and brain.



This Dry Fogger method of dispersing a disinfecting vapor provides a far better solution to actually sterilizing an enclosed area, as opposed to spraying large droplets on the floors, walls and and corners. The Dry Fog vapor leaves no mass residue behind, thus is much safer for adults, children, and animals. When using a Dry Fogger, your water source must be as particle free as possible, so TAP water is not the right water to use due to the large particles found in everyday tap water. You want to choose the right disinfecting liquid to mix with your pure water, thus a powder disinfection mix can not be used. We recommend Path-Away, which is a plant based sterilant, all natural sanitizing liquid that has a high kill efficacy in a short period of time.




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Model: HVAC-5 microns

Size : L217*W192*H121mm

Weight: 5.8KG

Capacity: 5L

Voltage: 24V

Power: 36W

Noise: ≤60dba

Coverage: 8000-10000m3

Color: White


1. Do not maintain or refill the device when the power is on.

2. Do not dump or tilt the device to avoid fragrance spills.

3. Do not put toxic and harmful liquids in the device.

4. Please keep away from the place where children can reach, so as to avoid electric shock, injury or eating fragrance by mistake.

5. Please use alcohol to work with the device regularly to clean and maintain the device, so that the nozzle will not be blocked.

6. Do not let the device soak in water or spill water on the surface.

7. Please operate the device according to the instruction.

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