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Decontamination Backpack DryFogger

Applied Physics provides a truly portable, battery operated, backpack dry fogger, which is properly designed for decontamination and disinfection of areas by generating a dry fog output with a fog droplet size of 10 microns. The dry fog emitted is composed of millions of 10 micron droplets and when mixed with the disinfecting liquid that you choose, the resulting disinfecting fog will evaporate to form a much larger vapor to kill the unwanted bio-organisms, according to the specifications of the disinfecting liquid used.


In order for proper decontamination with a fogger, the Sauter Limit dictates that the droplet diameter must be 10-micron or less in order to allow for fog suspension. Droplets at 10 micron diameter are called a DRY FOG, as the droplets tend to float in to the airflow and evaporate to form much larger volume sanitizing due to low mass. Fog Sprayers are often sold, alluding to a large sanitizing vapor, but fog sprayers have an output of 20 to 70 micron diameter, which is to heavy when sprayed into the airflow, pulled down by gravity to simply WET a surface, making sprayers useless for sanitizing an area and its wall surfaces. DryFog droplets emitted by the BPDF back pack fogger generates 10 micron droplets. When mixing your preferred disinfecting liquid into your pure water, the 10 micron liquid droplets float into the airflow to evaporate and form an exponentially larger volume of sterilizing vapor. This vapor then comes in contact with accessible surfaces including walls, floors, carpets, curtains, light fixtures, wall switches, ceilings, under furniture, behind appliances, in-ceiling corners, under tables…open surfaces as well as the air molecules in that enclosed area, which carry viruses in that enclosed area.


This Dry Fogger method of dispersing a disinfecting vapor provides a far better solution to actually sterilizing an enclosed area, as opposed to spraying large droplets on the floors, walls and and corners. The Dry Fog vapor leaves no mass residue behind, thus is much safer for adults, children, and animals. When using a backpack portable dry fogger, you must choose the disinfecting liquid you wish to mix with your pure water source. When using a Dry Fogger, your water source must be as particle free as possible, so TAP water is not the right water to use due to the large particles found in everyday tap water. You want to choose the right disinfecting liquid to mix with your pure water, thus a powder disinfection mix can not be used. When using a backpack portable dry fogger, you want to use the right breathing protection, sufficient to protect your lungs from the vapor you are using to kill viruses. Use eye goggles to keep the vapor from your eyes.

Ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machines are cold fogging machines using high volumes of air at low pressure to convert water or sterilant into 10 micron to 20 micron droplets, depending on the application. The liquid droplets are then pushed into the atmosphere as a visible fog, which then evaporates. … ULV machines are most often used for apply pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sterilants, and disinfectants onto surfaces or into the airflow to evaporate as a sterilant vapor.



  • Operating Instructions
  • An ultrasonic Backpack sprayer with 10 Micron Nozzle
  • 8 Liter Reservoir at maximum output of 300ml/min*
  • 115VAC Charger, Battery is Lithium-Ion 15AH and 24V
  • 2 Batteries
  • External Battery Charger

Battery run time is 2 hours, included is a secondary backup battery. The battery is rated for 1000 cycles


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