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Mini-DryFog® Machine


The Mini-Dry Fog machine provides an easy to use, high tech solution for fogging in confined spaces. The flexibility of the Mini-Dry Fog nozzle allows for rapid vapor dispersion to ensure the entire space is exposed to disinfecting vapor.►Single Mini-DryFog suitable for room volumes of 20M3or 700 ft3to disperse500ml of Minncare liquid disinfectant solution►Eliminates Formaldehyde disinfection procedures ►Use in biological safety cabinets, cRABS, glove boxes, pass-through tunnels, ambulances, etc. The Mini-Dry Fog can be built into small cabinets and H2O2vaporization systems. This sterilization fogger has been proven effective in killing off the coronavirus aggressively within a minute.

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Configurable Spray

Head Newly designed spray apparatus allows for eight different nozzle(s) positions increasing the coverage possibilities for higher flexibility. Additionally, the new head allows for spraydiffusion that is horizontal or vertical.

Short Process Time

Typically, the entire process can be completed in less than 3hours, depending upon room size band ventilation system efficiency, compared to up to 3-5 days with some conventional systems.

  • Substantially lower clean room downtime
  • Regular use may contribute to maintaining low particulate levels due to the suppression of airborne particles
  • Lack of noise and ultrasonic vibration during use

Optimal Efficacy with Minncare®

Minncare is a peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide based on proprietary chemistry for optimized biocidal efficacy.

  • EPA registered for fogging as part of normal cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • Faster and safer to use than existing aldehyde liquids

Ultrafine Droplets

The DF2S equipment is designed to produceultrafine atomized droplets that evaporate to a vapor for dispersion of sterilant chemical vapors throughout the room.

  • Controlled and consistently accurate droplet size
  • Minimized risk of condensation
  • Ensures penetration into normally inaccessible areas
Deactivation of Organisms by Minncare Vapor
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