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The AP100 is a high volume fogger using 100 liters of LN2 and 10 liters of water. It is designed for large cleanrooms and provides 4 fog hose outputs, multiple fog wands; all sitting on a rolling chassis for ease of movement through the clean room. It produces 15.5 cubic meters of fog per minute with 1520 ml of fog density per minute to provide 30-40 feet of visual airflow. The AP100 is built to CE Mark Standards and is compatible with USP 797 Pharmaceutical In-situ Airflow Analysis; Airflow Visualization Tests for ISO 14644-3 Annex B7; Semi-Standards Clean Room Guidelines, Federal Standard 209E. The AP100 Ultrapure Fogger is superb for video and 3D modeling, as it provides adjustable fog output, wireless remote control and a variety of accessories to achieve your clean room smoke studies. The AP100 can be used in the largest pharmaceutical ISO suites and semiconductor clean rooms. It is also used for stage fog applications, since the fog produced is ultrapure and breathable by stage hands and actors.

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