CRF6-S Decontaminating Fogger


Why the CRF6-S is a valuable Sanitizing and Decontaminating Fogger

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide is a well known sterilant purchased from your local chemical supplier. H2O2 is quite effective against Coronavirus, fungi, spores, molds, bio-organisms
  2. Medium Fog Volume, ultrasonic fogger with Wireless Remote Control, 110 VAC, 100VAC or 220VAC, 360 degree coverage and vertical coverage
  3. Provides 10,000 cubic feet per operating cycle
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used from a 3.5% mixture up to a 35% mixture in distilled water, depending on what level of decontamination is specified. NO RESIDUE LEFT BEHIND!
  5. Place the CRF4-S on a trolley cart, move from area to area, use wireless remote for operational control from a distance, using only 110 VAC or 220 VAC
  6. Use in Hotels, medium sized business offices, work areas, medical rooms, EMT vehicles, buses, trains
  7. Much more effective than low cost back pack liquid sprayers, electrospray hand foggers and converted humidifiers, which are not  capable of sterilizing your home, office or work area. These devices leave surfaces sprayed with low grade sterilants, but do not decontaminate walls and air in the room; leaving dry chemical residue all over the surfaces sprayed allowing adults, children, employees, pets to ingest and enter the eyes and mouth through body contact

The CRF6-S Sanitizing Fogger generates a sterilant fog at about 8 micron droplet diameter, which evaporates to create an exponentially larger sterilant fog of about 10,000 cubic feet per cycle to decontaminate all open surfaces and air in that closed room/area. The primary focus of the CRF4-S is to decontaminate larger areas up to 10,000 cubic feet in volume from coronavirus concerns. A Hydrogen Peroxide sterilant can be purchaased from your local supplier and used in the CRF4-S to produce a sanitizing fog, dispersed in 360 degrees using a Quad Adaptor to kill coronavirus. If you are considering a low cost spray gun, consider this. Spray guns emit droplets at 25 to 75 microns in droplet size, allowing the spray droplets to be pulled down by gravity to the surfaces, leaving Sterilant Residue at high levels on all surfaces for your employees or kids and pets to drag their hands across? We understand costs, but if you want an effective virus killer, consider the very effective CRF6-S Sanitizing Fogger using H2O2 to produce a floating fog to expand to a 10,000 cubic foot sterilant vapor to contact all surface areas and air in the room. That is how you protect your employees or kids and pets, leaving NO RESIDUE behind, yet killing spores, molds, fungi, viruses, envelope viruses and bio-organisms.


The CRF6-S Sanitizing Fogger uses 35 ultrasonic piezo devices to generate 1.85 cubic meters of pure fog per minute with 187 ml of fog density per minute and a droplet size of about 8 microns, which floats in the air to provide a visible fog. The fog then evaporates to a sterilant vapor that can cover open areas of interest, on tables, under computers, on walls, ceilings, light fixtures, etc, with the purpose of killing the unwanted bio-organisms. Killing unwanted spores, envelope viruses, molds, fungus can be achieved using H2O2 as your sterilant to protect and sanitize medical rooms, sterile rooms, business offices, most working areas and industrial areas. The CRF4-S is especially useful to combat viruses such as the coronavirus COVID-19. The CRF6-S is able to be used remotely from outside the area by using wireless remote. The CRF6-S uses a solution of sterilant mixed into DI Water, WFI water, ]sterile water or tap water to produce the sterilant fog. The CRF6-S provides adjustable fog volume, adjustable airflow, and wireless remote control. The CRF6 operates for about 45 minutes at maximum fog volume or up to 90 minutes at lower fog volumes.


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