CRF6-S Decontaminating Fogger

Why the CRF6-S is a valuable Sanitizing and Decontaminating Fogger

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide is a well known sterilant purchased from your local chemical supplier. H2O2 is quite effective against Coronavirus, fungi, spores, molds, bio-organisms
  2. Medium Fog Volume, ultrasonic fogger with Wireless Remote Control, 110 VAC, 100VAC or 220VAC, 360 degree coverage and vertical coverage
  3. Provides 10,000 cubic feet per operating cycle
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used from a 3.5% mixture up to a 35% mixture in distilled water, depending on what level of decontamination is specified. NO RESIDUE LEFT BEHIND!
  5. Place the CRF4-S on a trolley cart, move from area to area, use wireless remote for operational control from a distance, using only 110 VAC or 220 VAC
  6. Use in Hotels, medium sized business offices, work areas, medical rooms, EMT vehicles, buses, trains
  7. Much more effective than low cost back pack liquid sprayers, electrospray hand foggers and converted humidifiers, which are not  capable of sterilizing your home, office or work area. These devices leave surfaces sprayed with low grade sterilants, but do not decontaminate walls and air in the room; leaving dry chemical residue all over the surfaces sprayed allowing adults, children, employees, pets to ingest and enter the eyes and mouth through body contact

The CRF6-S Sanitizing Fogger generates a sterilant fog at about 8 micron droplet diameter, which evaporates to create an exponentially larger sterilant fog of about 10,000 cubic feet per cycle to decontaminate all open surfaces and air in that closed room/area. The primary focus of the CRF4-S is to decontaminate larger areas up to 10,000 cubic feet in volume from coronavirus concerns. A Hydrogen Peroxide sterilant can be purchaased from your local supplier and used in the CRF4-S to produce a sanitizing fog, dispersed in 360 degrees using a Quad Adaptor to kill coronavirus. If you are considering a low cost spray gun, consider this. Spray guns emit droplets at 25 to 75 microns in droplet size, allowing the spray droplets to be pulled down by gravity to the surfaces, leaving Sterilant Residue at high levels on all surfaces for your employees or kids and pets to drag their hands across? We understand costs, but if you want an effective virus killer, consider the very effective CRF6-S Sanitizing Fogger using H2O2 to produce a floating fog to expand to a 10,000 cubic foot sterilant vapor to contact all surface areas and air in the room. That is how you protect your employees or kids and pets, leaving NO RESIDUE behind, yet killing spores, molds, fungi, viruses, envelope viruses and bio-organisms.


The CRF6-S Sanitizing Fogger uses 35 ultrasonic piezo devices to generate 1.85 cubic meters of pure fog per minute with 187 ml of fog density per minute and a droplet size of about 8 microns, which floats in the air to provide a visible fog. The fog then evaporates to a sterilant vapor that can cover open areas of interest, on tables, under computers, on walls, ceilings, light fixtures, etc, with the purpose of killing the unwanted bio-organisms. Killing unwanted spores, envelope viruses, molds, fungus can be achieved using H2O2 as your sterilant to protect and sanitize medical rooms, sterile rooms, business offices, most working areas and industrial areas. The CRF4-S is especially useful to combat viruses such as the coronavirus COVID-19. The CRF6-S is able to be used remotely from outside the area by using wireless remote. The CRF6-S uses a solution of sterilant mixed into DI Water, WFI water, ]sterile water or tap water to produce the sterilant fog. The CRF6-S provides adjustable fog volume, adjustable airflow, and wireless remote control. The CRF6 operates for about 45 minutes at maximum fog volume or up to 90 minutes at lower fog volumes.

CRF4-S Decontaminating Fogger generates ≈ 1.25 cubic meters of visible sterilant fog / minute, which evaporates to form an exponentially large sterilant vapor up to 10,000 cubic feet per operating cycle of 45 minutes. The CRF4-S uses a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide in Distilled Water or DI Water to kill viruses, envelope viruses, bacterial growth, molds, spores, fungus and bio-organisms.

The CRF4-S is a portable decontamination fogger, using a solution of water and H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide to generate about 1.25 cubic meters of sterilizing fog per minute, which begins to evaporate about 9 feet distance, exponentially expanding to a sterilant vapor to cover about 10,000 cubic feet to decontaminate bio-organisms in medium sized business offices, medical rooms, work areas and industrial areas, killing unwanted viruses, envelope virues, spores, fungi, molds, etc. The CRF4-S provides fog volume control, airflow velocity control, and most importantly, wireless remote control to turn the sterilant fog on/off at a distance or behind a wall. The CRF4-S would be used in sanitize medical rooms, offices, industrial areas, as well as ISO suites, sterile rooms, bio-safety cabinets, RABs and medical rooms.

Decontaminate Areas for Your Employees, or as a SERVICE to Your Customers

The CRF4-S produces a visible aerosol fog at about 8 micron droplet diameter, which is the right size of droplet to float in the air. The droplets exit at a desired fan speed controlled from 25% to 100% velocity. As the aerosol sterilant is pushed into the air, it begins to evaporate to a sterilant vapor at an exponential rate, which further accelerates the sterilant into all areas up to 10,000 cubic feet (285 cubic meters per cycle, killing spores, fungus, envelope viruses, molds, fungus, etc. The CRF4-S would be operated with a remote wireless control so that you can adjust fan speed, volume output and on/off operation from a safe distance, protecting the Engineer conducting the decontamination process.

The CRF4-S has the right accessories to direct the fog in a variety of patterns in your areas of concern. It includes test instruments to test air quality after a decontamination process. General operating guidelines are provided, along with product and technology comparisons to handwipes, spary cans, backpack sprayers and vapor generators. Minncare MSDS and chemical details are provided with your order. The CRF4-S can decontaminate areas up to 10,000 cubic feet per operating cycle (his allows the CRF4 to be used in small areas of interest  of < 500 cubic feet up to larger areas of 10,000 cubic feet. When comparing sterilant foggers, it is important to know the droplet size is less than 10 microns. It is important to know how much volume of sterilant is being filled and how long a typical operation lasts. And most important, you must have remote wireless control to turn on/off from a distance.

Compare DF4S and DF2S Dry Fogger performance


Product Model DF4S Decontaminating DryFog System DF2S Decontaminating Dry Fogger
Sanitizing FOG Minutes ~ 60-90 minutes / single cycle, AutoRepeat cycles available ~ 90 minutes per cycle
Sterilant FOG, Cubic Meters From 100,000 cubic meters to 3,000,000 cubic meters sterilant fog ~ 11.1 Cubic Meters/Min., sterilant fog
Total Sterilant Vapor Volume
~ 10,200 cubic meters per cycle. Auto Refill and Restart available to achieve to up to 3,000,000 cubic meters / operation ~ 1000 cubic meters / cycle. Refill manually and restart as needed.
Typical volume of sterilant used per cycle 35 liters to 300 liters sterilant solutions, depending on DF4S model selected, up to 5000 liters optionally 22 liter sterilant solutions are standard
Aerosol Fog Droplet size ~ 7.5 micron ~ 7.5 microns
Typical Sterilant Used
Minncare EPA Reg. NO.: 52252-4; EPA Est. NO.: 52252-MN-01 Minncare EPA Reg. NO.: 52252-4; EPA Est. NO.: 52252-MN-01
Adjustable Airflow Velocity and Fog Volume
Yes, thru wireless remote control Constant fog volume output, controlled by air compressor, (dry air compressor recommended)
Fogger Technology Aerosol + Evaporation creates sterilant fog, which exponentially evaporates to 100,000 – 3,000,000 volume sterilant vapor, depending on DF4S model purchased Aerosol + Evaporation creates sterilant fog, which exponentially evaporates to a 35,000 cubic foot sterilant vapor
Water Used Distilled water is ideal or De-ionized Water, WFI water or sterile water. Tap Water should not be used due to chlorine in tap water. Distilled water is ideal or De-ionized Water, WFI water or sterile water. Tap Water should not be used due to chlorine in tap water.
Where used
Large conference centers, manufacturing areas, warehouses, airports, indoor stadiums Large office areas, medical rooms, hospital rooms, work areas, warehouses
Autoclavable No Yes, Autoclavable
Compatible Guidelines ISO 14644-3, USP 797 ISO 14644-3, USP 797
Compatible Guidelines Check with Local/State Health for any compliance requirements Check with Local/State Health for any compliance requirements
Oil Free, Compressor Requirements
60 to 250 SCFM Dry Air Compressor at 110 psi, includes wireless control, depending on DF4S model purchased DF2S requires external, 15 SCFM Dry Air Compressor at 75 psi, remote control for On/Off control
Sterilant Tank Volume up to 5000 liters 22 liters volume
Typical Sterilant Concentration
Minncare Sterilant is mixed from 3 % to 7.0 % in purified water. H2O2 is typically mixed from 3.5% to 35% solution in distilled / purified water Minncare Sterilant is mixed from 3 % to 7.0 % in purified water
Operator Control Wireless Remote Control Operated by separate Dry Air Compressor and Remote Control
Remote Control Wireless Remote control of fog volume & airflow Wireless Remote Control of On/Off
Handling Rolls on a 4 wheel base Rolls on a 4 wheel base
Enclosure 316L Stainless Steel, electro-polish 316L Stainless Steel, electro-polish
Power VAC 120, 220, 100 VAC 120, 220, 100 VAC to Compressor only
Full Weight ~ 150 to 2000 lbs, depending on DF4S model purchased ~ 110 lbs
Accessories 12 Accessories 12 Accessories
Decontaminating and Sanitizing Fog, CRF4-S

Watch CRF4 Video. The CRF4-S Decontamination Fogger is able to convert a hydrogen peroxide liquid solution to a visible fog, which then evaporates to a sterilant vapor to decontaminate the area of interest, such as a business office, industrial room, store, medical room, etc.  The CRF4-S produces 1.25 cubic meters of sterilant fog per minute at 187 ml of fog density per minute. The fog is visible for up to 10 feet, at which point it will evaporate to a very large, invisible vapor cloud, which can reach the open areas of interest, behind appliances, under computer displays, wall outlets, wall switches, wall and floor surfaces; killing unwanted bio-organisms. The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is one such virus that many people are concerned with. it is an envelope virus, i.e, it has an outer envelope protecting the inner virus.  The CRF4-S comes with a package of Quad Fog Nozzles and Single Fog Nozzle, all packaged in one box.

CRF4-S Sanitizing Fogger

We offer the smaller sanitizing CRF2-S fogger, the higher volume CRF4-S Sanitizing Fogger, and the HIGH VOLUME, DF2S Decontaminating Dry Fogger. Watch CRF4 Video. Fog density, fog volume and on/off control of the CRF4-S is easily managed from a distance using the wireless remote control.

The CRF4-S is a portable sanitizing Fogger is designed with a 316L stainless steel enclosure, electro-polished for added acidic resistance. The CRF4-S Fogger produces a sterilizing fog which evaporates to spread into an area of interest, allowing the sterilant to come into contact with open surfaces to kill off unwanted bio-organisms. Touch Pad Control is provided with the CRF4-S as well as Wireless Remote Control; allowing remote control of the CRF4-S from a distance. 12 Accessories are available including air quality instruments and fogging accessories. CRF4-S ships in a rolling, carry case with handle and wheels to protect the sanitizing fogger during transit and storage from location to location. Hydrogen peroxide is most often used to sanitize and decontaminate areas using the CRF4-S. A Drain and Dry kit is also available to easily drain the Sterilizing fogger after use, and to dry it out before storage.

Decontaminating Fog

CRF4-S uses 35 ultrasonic piezo devices to generate a pure fog of 1.25 cubic meters / minute which evaporates to form a large sterilizing vapor of about 10,000 cubic feet. The visible fog can be seen for about 8-10 feet, and then it begins to evaporate to a sterilizing vapor.

CRF4-S Decontamination Fogger
The CRF4-S can be turned on or off at will by remote wireless control. As one cycle of about 45 minutes is completed, you can refill the CRF4-S and restart the decontamination process for additional area coverage. It is recommended to use proper body and breathing protection when sanitizing an area. The fog volume can be adjusted higher to 1.25 cubic meters fog / minute or lowered to 0.5 cubic meters fog per minute, and the airflow can be adjusted from 25% to 100% airflow to fit your clean room air flow dynamics.

In order to create larger volumes of sterilizing fog, 35 ultrasonic devices are used, which vibrate at high frequencies, generating high volumes of 8 micron vapor droplets. As the visible sterilant fog enters into the area to be decontaminated, it begins to evaporate as the fog travels away from the CRF4, at which point it exponentially expands as an invisible vapor to decontaminate about 10,000 cubic feet of area. It is the evaporation phase from visible fog to sterilizing vapor that allows the vapor to reach nearly every open surface and the spores, viruses, envelope viruses, etc. in the air. If the airflow needs to be adjusted, simply touch the up arrow for increased airflow to match your clean room airflow. Or touch the down arrow to decrease the airflow.

CRF4 S Decontaminating Fogger
CRF4 S Decontaminating Fogger
CRF4 S Decontaminating Fogger
Decontamination Using Dry Foggers, Q&A

CRF4-S Sterilizing Fogger from Applied Physics Inc.

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