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Portable Backpack Fogger, Sanitize and Decontaminate, PBF-48


Applied Physics provides a truly portable, battery operated, backpack fogger, which is adaptable for use applications to sanitize rooms and buildings; or by switching components, be equally effective to sanitize tree and leaf plants in the agricultural fields; or sanitize leaf and fruit products in the grocery industry. properly designed for decontamination and disinfection of areas by generating a dry fog output with a fog droplet size of 10 microns. When using a 10 micron nozzle output, the fog produced meets home and building use for sanitizing those human areas. When using a 30 micron nozzle output, the sanitizing fog produced meets agricultural needs to sanitize tree and leaf plants from 1 to 10 meters distance, while walking or when using a field UTV. If set up with a field UTV, you would have a dual, portable fogger set up to cover left and right plant access with 1 to 10 meters distance on each side of the UTV. If you require heavier sanitizing doses, switch to a 50 micron droplet nozzle to increase your sanitizing liquid effectiveness. When using our suggested, non-chemical, all natural sterilant, the kill rate of unwanted spores, fungii and growths is extremely high and “kill on contact”, making your plant production increase with healthier plants, no concerns from man-made chemicals when using the suggested “all natural” sterilant. The fog emitted is composed of billions of fog droplets and when mixed with FDA approved disinfecting liquid, purchased separately, the resulting sanitizing fog will evaporate to form a much larger vapor to kill on contact most unwanted bio-organisms, according to the specifications of the disinfecting liquid used.


When configured for Portable Agricultural Fogging, this portable fogger provides a 30 micron fog output (optional 50 micron), which gives the fog droplets more velocity to travel outward, making contact with leaved plants from 1 to 10 meters distance to kill destructive pathogens such as spores, molds and fungii on the leaves and plant. The Portable Fogger can be used while walking, or optionally set up as a dual Portable fogger on a field UTV for rapid dispersal of liquid sanitizers in your agricultural growths. When using our suggested “all natural” sanitizing agent, you will find a significant increase to your plant harvest and extended life of the resulting foods, all the while using our non-chemical, FDA approved sanitizing liquids. Most chemical designed sanitizing agents have a variety of harsh chemicals, which we, as humans, do not want to ingest. So, our business partners came up with a “field safe, human safe, all organic, no man made chemicals” sanitizing solution that kills unwanted bio-growth on leaf plants and leaf trees, while extending the life of the processed foods. 


When configured for Dry Fogging, this portable dry fogger provides a 10 micron fog, which allows the fog to float into the airflow, evaporate into a much larger, invisible, sanitizing vapor in order to contact every open surface and pathogens in the airflow and kill the unwanted bio-organisms. In order for proper decontamination with a dry fogger output, the Sauter Limit dictates that the droplet diameter must be 10-micron or less in order to allow for fog suspension. Droplets at 10 micron diameter are called a DRY FOG, as the droplets tend to float in to the airflow and evaporate to form much larger volume sanitizing due to low mass. Fog Sprayers are often sold, alluding to a large sanitizing vapor, but fog sprayers have an output of 50 to 70 micron diameter, which is to heavy when sprayed into the airflow, pulled down by gravity to simply WET a surface, making sprayers useless for sanitizing an area and its wall surfaces. DryFog droplets emitted by the BPDF back pack fogger generates 10-15 micron droplets. When mixing our disinfecting liquid into your pure water, the liquid droplets created by the Dry Fogger, float into the airflow to evaporate and form an exponentially larger volume of sterilizing vapor. This vapor then comes in contact with accessible surfaces including walls, floors, carpets, curtains, light fixtures, wall switches, ceilings, under furniture, behind appliances, in-ceiling corners, under tables…open surfaces as well as the air molecules in that enclosed area, which carry viruses in that enclosed area. In Dry Fogging applications, the goal is generally to kill unwanted pathogens such as spores, molds, fungii, coronavirus and yeasts such as Candida Auris. C. Auris is a harmful yeast that usually enters the lungs causing breathing difficulty, and can migrate into the bloodstream and brain, possibly leading to death if not resolved.



This Dry Fogger method of dispersing a disinfecting vapor provides a far better solution to actually sterilizing an enclosed area, as opposed to spraying large droplets on the floors, walls and and corners. The Dry Fog vapor leaves no mass residue behind, thus is much safer for adults, children, and animals. When using a backpack portable dry fogger, you must choose the disinfecting liquid you wish to mix with your pure water source. When using a Dry Fogger, your water source must be as particle free as possible, so TAP water is not the right water to use due to the large particles found in everyday tap water. You want to choose the right disinfecting liquid to mix with your pure water, thus a powder disinfection mix can not be used. When using a backpack portable dry fogger, you want to use the right breathing protection, sufficient to protect your lungs from the vapor you are using to kill viruses. Use eye goggles to keep the vapor from your eyes.


Our Atomizing Fogging machines are cold fogging machines using high volumes of air at low pressure to convert water and sterilant into 10 micron droplets. The liquid droplets are then pushed into the atmosphere as a visible fog, which then evaporates. These decontamination foggers are used to create a visible sterilant fog using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sterilants, and disinfectants that evaporates from a visible fog to a large invisible vapor to contact and kill most unwanted pathogens in the room, depending on the effectiveness of the sterilant used.

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Features and Applications

  • A Portable Backpack Fogger with 30 micron fog output used in agricultural applications with 1 to 10 meter contact distance
  • Or configure the Portable Backpack Fogger with 50 micron Spray droplets for use in sanitizing surface contact with 1 to 10 meter contact distance
  • Or configure the Portable Backpack Fogger with 10 micron DryFog droplets for use in sanitizing small to large volumetric ares in buildings and rooms


  • Backpack and Harness
  • User friendly power control with the ON/OFF switch on the end of the 1 meter hose
  • 8 Liter Reservoir with adjustable fog volume output up to 300ml/min*, refill and restart
  • Can be operated with any liquid sanitizing agent filtered to 1 micron, but we recommend our FDA approved, liquid sanitizing agent
  • 115VAC or 220 VAC Battery Charger, and 48VDC output
  • 1 48Vdc, LI Battery: Lithium Ion Battery run time is dependent on the fog droplet size produced, average run time is 2 hours before recharge
  • Battery is rated for 1000 cycles
  • External Battery Charger
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  • Features of the PBF-48 Portable Backpack Fogger
  • 48 Volt DC, LI rechargeable battery, Optional batteries
  • 8 Liter Liquid tank volume
  • Optional Fog Droplet Diameter selections
  • Spray Contact Distance of 8 – 10 meters
  • DryFog Output for use in sanitization / killing viruses in living/working areas and food processing
  • Ease of Control with Power Switch on hose tip
  • Optional “All Natural” sterilant to kill most pathogens on contact

Advantages of the PBF-48 Portable Backpack Fogger

  • 30 micron Fog Output: 1 – 10 meter contact to enhance plant and tree leaf growth for increased production
  • 50 micron Spray Output with 1 – 10 meter contact for surface contact sanitizing in large areas
  • Optional set up as fixed installation with 48VDC Power Supply and backpack delete

Applications of the PBF-48 Portable Backpack Fogger

  • Sterilization and disinfection for food processing industry with real time sanitizing of foods on production lines
  • Sanitizing leaf plants and leaf trees in agricultural fields from 1 to 10 meters contact distance using a single portable backpack fogger in walking situations, or two portable backpack foggers in ATV / UTV applications
  • Disinfection and bio-growth prevention in human walking tunnels, dairy/animal walking tunnels, water tunnels
  • Dis-infection in transport trucks and cargo holds
  • Sterilization and disinfection in rooms and buildings to kill COVID-19, SARS, coronavirus, pathogens, spores, molds and fungii

Fogger comes with 4 Nozzles that can be switched out depending on application needs. As the solution is ejected from the fogger with velocity, the droplet size rapidly becomes smaller as the droplets begin to evaporate. The .2mm nozzle creates a dry fog, with droplet size around 5 micron at 2-3 foot from the nozzle.


.2mm Nozzle 12-22 30.00
.3mm Nozzle 20-30 36.00
.5mm Nozzle 40-50 85.00
1.0mm Nozzle 50-65 192.00


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