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Wall and Table Mounted Sanitize and Decontaminate Fogger, WMF-15um

Applied Physics provides a truly self-contained wall mounted or table mounted fogger, which is adaptable in various applications to sanitize rooms and open areas. It is designed for decontamination and disinfection of areas by generating a fog output with a fog droplet size of 10-15 microns. When using our suggested, non-chemical, all natural sterilant, the kill rate of unwanted spores, fungii and growths is extremely high and “kill on contact”. The fog emitted is composed of billions of fog droplets and when mixed with FDA approved disinfecting liquid, purchased separately, the resulting sanitizing fog will evaporate to form an exponentially larger sanitizing vapor to kill on contact most unwanted bio-organisms, according to the specifications of the disinfecting liquid used. This unit is remotely controlled by the APP remote control system for convenient use.


When configured for Sanitizing Fog, this Wall Mounted sanitizing fogger provides a 10-15 micron droplet output, which allows the fog to float into the airflow, evaporate into a much larger, invisible, sanitizing vapor in order to contact every open surface and pathogen in the airflow and kill the unwanted bio-organisms. The Sauter Limit dictates that the droplet diameter should be close to 10-microns to allow for fog suspension in the airflow and evaporation to form much larger volume sanitizing. The WMSF introduces the small droplet fog at a velocity so as to increase surface area contact and rapid evaporation of the fog droplets into the airflow. This vapor then comes in contact with accessible surfaces including walls, floors, carpets, curtains, light fixtures, wall switches, ceilings, under furniture, behind appliances, in-ceiling corners, under tables…open surfaces as well as the air molecules in that enclosed area, which carry viruses in that enclosed area. The goal is to kill unwanted pathogens such as spores, molds, fungii, coronavirus and yeasts such as Candida Auris. Coronavirus and C. Auris are harmful bio-pathogens that usually enters the lungs causing breathing difficulty, and can migrate into the bloodstream and brain, possibly leading to death if not resolved.



Our Atomizing Fogging machines are cold fogging machines using high volumes of air at low pressure to convert water and sterilant into 10 micron droplets. The liquid droplets are then pushed into the atmosphere as a visible fog, which then evaporates. These decontamination foggers are used to create a visible sterilant fog using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, sterilants, and disinfectants that evaporates from a visible fog to a large invisible vapor to contact and kill most unwanted pathogens in the room, depending on the effectiveness of the sterilant used.


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Features and Applications

  • Unique output design, support multi-angle swing, instant switch, high efficiency and convenient use.
  • Efficient fogging, saving solution and labor costs.
  • Unobstructed fog output with hand rotation of the output
  • Air pressure immediately locks the nozzle to prevent leakage
  • High-power motor, high-speed jet


  • 8 Liter liquid reservoir with adjustable fog volume output up to 300ml/min*, refill and restart
  • Can be operated with any liquid sanitizing agent filtered to 1 micron, but we recommend our FDA approved, liquid sanitizing agent
  • Spray distance: 8-10M
  • Voltage: AC 110-220V
  • Power: 200W
  • Net weight: 5.9KG

Fogger comes with 4 Nozzles that can be switched out depending on application needs. As the solution is ejected from the fogger with velocity, the droplet size rapidly becomes smaller as the droplets begin to evaporate. The .2mm nozzle creates a dry fog, with droplet size around 5 micron at 2-3 foot from the nozzle.

.2mm Nozzle 12-22 30.00
.3mm Nozzle 20-30 36.00
.5mm Nozzle 40-50 85.00
1.0mm Nozzle 50-65 192.00
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