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Remote Start Sampler


The R2S Remote Start model allows for placement of the controller unit up to 54′ from critical operations with Start/Stop/Timer Reset functions controlled from an “In-Line” switch housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure. The control switch can be placed in-line between the controller and the sampler head at a customer specified location.

The R2S Remote Start model has a flow rate of 28.3 SLPM, or 60 SCFH or 1 CFM. It is an ideal sampling device for monitoring of your critical ISO 5 Rooms, Hoods and Isolators.

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R2S Standard Sampler Model# AP-R2S.002
R2S Materials Aluminum / 316 Stainless Steel
R2S Finish White Epoxy/Polyester Coating
R2S Dome Clear Polycarbonate / .007″ Slit Width
R2S Weight 3 Pounds
R2S Dimensions 5.5Height X 5 Diameter
R2S Media (suggested) 100mm TSA (most vendors/suppliers)
R2S Part# R2S.R2SSMP
R2S Description R2S Standard Sampling Head
R2S-C Remote Start Controller Model# AP-R2S-C.RMTCNT
R2S-C Instrument Case Aluminum
R2S-C Finish Blue/White Powder Coat
R2S-C Dimensions 15 x 8 x 9
R2S-C Weight 23 Lbs
Remote Start Sample Timer 01 to 5959 User Defined/Set
Sample Rate 60 SCFH (28.3 SLPM / 1 CFM)
Sample Volume 60 Cubic Feet (1698L)/Hour/Test Plate
HEPA Filtered Exhaust 0.2 Micron, >99.97% Efficiency
Operating Voltage 115 [email protected] 60 Hz
Primary Power Cord 10 Feet with In-Line GFI Protection
R2S Power/Vacuum Supply 6 or 12 Standard 3-Pin/5-Pin Cables
Remote Start/Stop/Reset Switch In-Line NEMA 4X Enclosure w/Momentary Start/Stop/Reset Pushbutton
Sampler Package Description   R2S Remote Start Sampler Package
Sampler Package Part#                        AP-R2S.RMTPAK

System may use up to 54′ of vacuum tubing (Purchased Separately)


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