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Applied Physic’s unique High Pressure Diffuser (HPD) for sampling of compressed Air/Gas Systems for Microbial Contaminants with our P100, or V100/RCG Microbial Air Samplers and/or Total Particulates via Laser Particle Counter. The new HPD is Electropolished 316SS & allows for HEPA filtration of the exhausted volume. The unit can be autoclaved, or chemically sanitized for Microbial Testing of critical systems. The filtered exhaust also greatly reduces the output decibel level of the HPD. The HPD can be configured for testing at 28.3-50, or 75-100 LPM sample rates.


P100 Comp air HPD2
HPD2 Connected
Filtered High Pressure Diffuser Model# AP.HPD2
HPD Material 316L Stainless Steel
HPD Finish Electropolished
HPD Exhaust Filters Cartridge with 0.2micron Pleated HEPA Filters
HPD Pressure Ranges (Approx) V100/RCG, and LPC’s:

-1 CFM, 28.3, 50/15-18 to 125 PSI (1.3-8.6 bar) -75 or 100 LPM/18-21 to 125 PSI (1.5-8.6 bar)

P100 (with Compressed Gas Kit)

-28.3 LPM / 6-80 PSI (0.5-6.5 bar) -100 LPM / 26-110 PSI / 1.8 – 7.6 bar)

HPD Fittings/Adapters to Drop Sanitary Fitting (0.98″ or 25mm OD)
HPD Outlet to RCG/P100 Inlet

HPD Outlet to Particle Counter

0.5″ Barb OD for 75/100LPM & Stepped for Smaller tubing ID’s for 28.3, & 50 LPM (0.25″, 0.375″ and 0.5″)
HPD Dimensions 5.5″ Height x 1.25″ OD
HPD Description High Pressure Diffuser w/Filtered Exhaust
28.3/50 LPM HPD Complete Part/Order # AP.HPD2.28.3/50.FILT
75/100 LPM HPD Part Complete/Order # AP.HPD2.75/100.FILT

*Industrial Compressed Air/Gas Systems with adequate volumetric flow
The HPD Body can interchangeably use the 28.3/50 and 75/100 LPM inlet/outlets

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