Contamination Wafer Standard


A Contamination Wafer Standard is a NIST traceable, particle wafer standard with Size Certificate included, deposited with monodisperse silica nano-particles and narrow size peak between 30 nm and 2.5 microns to calibrate the size response curves of KLA-Tencor Surfscan SP3, SP5 SP5xp wafer inspection systems and Hitachi SEM and TEM systems. The Silica Contamination Wafer Standard is deposited as a FULL Deposition with a single particle size across the wafer; or can be deposited as a SPOT Deposition with 1 or more silica particle size standards precisely located around the wafer. Silica Contamination Wafer Standards are used for size calibration of KLA-Tencor Surfscan tools, Hitachi SEM and TEM tools.

The typical silica sizes are linked below, that customers request to be deposited on 75mm to 300mm Contamination Wafer Standards. Applied Physics can produce any silica size peak between 30nm and 2500nm that you need and deposit a number of silica spot depositions around the prime silicon wafer surface.


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