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RAS Autoclavable Sampler

NEW! P100 Remote-Autoclavable-Sampler (RAS) Aluminum – The P100 RAS is a microbial “sieve” sampler, which can be sterilized by autoclave or chemical disinfectants. The P100 RAS, replacing the original RAS and offers substantial benefits over current sieve type air samplers. Due to its design, with adjustable media stage, and flow rate specific inlet lids, it offers much better recovery capabilities. The inlet covers now are interchangeable with the P100 Portable Air Samplers, as depicted below, come in 3 different, color coded, flow rates, as well as an adjustable media stage to allow for use of nearly all vendor medias.


V100 Controller

P100 RAS Specifications

  • Options for Sample Rates of 28.3, 50 (not shown), & 100 LPM
  • Constructed of 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum for all 3 sample rates
  • May be Sterilized by Autoclave, or Chemically Sanitized/Sterilized
  • Only 1.75″ Tall and 4.25″ in Diameter
  • Finger Adjustable Stage to Assure Correct Inlet Distance from Test Plate
  • From 0-60 Minutes of Monitoring per Sample Cycle (flow rate dependent)
  • Works with the V100 and R2SC Controllers, and P100 Air Sampler
P100 Remote 100 LPM

100 LPM P100 RAS

P100 Remote 28 LPM lid off
P100 Remote 28 LPM

28.3 LPM P100 RAS

P100 Remote Sampling Kit Separate

P100 RAS Remote Sampling Kit – Adapters Required to Use P100 Remote with P100 Air Sampler

P100 Remote Setup 1
P100 Remote Setup4

Standard Set up with P100 Air Sampler and P100 RAS

P100 RAS Duo 1
P100 RAS Duo 2

P100 Air Sampler with dual P100 RAS 28.3’s

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