CRF2 and CRF4 Portable Cleanroom Foggers for Smoke Studies

Cleanroom Fogger Performance Comparisons

CRF4 Cleanroom Fogger VIDEO

CRF2 Cleanroom Fogger VIDEO

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The CRF4 and CRF2 are portable foggers using DI water, sterile water or WFI water to generate pure fog to visually describe patterns and instability in the airflow for smoke studies of ISO suites, Bio-Safety Cabinets, RAB, medical rooms. The CRF4 and CRF2 support guidelines for USP 797 Pharmaceutical In-situ airflow analysis, Federal Standards 209E and its replacement ISO Standard 14644-3, USP 800 Hazardous Drug Compounding, Airflow Recovery Tests using ISO 14644-3 Annex B12, NSF Standard 49 and National Sanitation Foundation. The CRF4 fogger provides adjustable fog control and higher levels of smoke, where as the CRF2 is a lower cost, smoke generator with a constant fog output. The CRF4 easily out performs other smoke machines designed to look good, but lacking in fog performance. The CRF2 DI Water fogger is for the customer who wants to evaluate fume hoods and airflow hods, glove boxes and similar smaller areas.

Click here for CRF4 DI Water Fogger video

CRF4 DI Water Fogger
    • CRF4 provides 35 ultrasonic devices producing 1.25 cubic meters of fog / minute for 45 minutes
    • Accessible Fill Water and Drain Port on top
    • CRF4 Portable Fogger provides two carry handles for operator convenience
    • Wireless Remote Control to operate fogger behind a closed area, included as standard
    • Adjustable Fog Volume – adjust for lower fog volume and longer operation cycle
    • Adjustable airflow velocity so that you can tune the CRF4 fog output to your clean area dynamics
    • Stainless Steel enclosure to provide strength and reliability, easy wipe down
    • 80 mm Diameter fog hose with 5 meter length
    • 120VAC, 100VAC or 220VAC operation
    • Easy to use with fast set up and instant On/Off fog
    • Optional 1.2 Meter Fog Curtain Wand that plugs into Fog Hose
    • Rolling Carry Case with a form fit, polyethylene foam insert for CRF4 storage and transport
    • Optional LED Light and Diffuser to provide high contrast between fog and background
    • Optional Y Adaptor to provide two fog hose inputs from the CRF4 into your clean area
    • Optional T Adaptor to connect two fog wands to provide an extra wide visible fog pattern
    • Optional 350 mm Fog Nozzle to direct heavy concentration of fog into desired area
    • Optional 500 mm Fog Nozzle to direct broad, heavy concentration of fog into desired area

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DI Water Fogger
      • CRF2 provides 9 ultrasonic piezo devices producing 0.26 cubic meters of fog per minute for 50 minutes
      • Easy Fill Water Port
      • CRF2 Portable Fogger provides a Carry Handle for operator convenience
      • Constant Fog Volume
      • Constant airflow
      • Polyethylene enclosure to provide light weight enclosure, easy wipe down
      • 60 mm Diameter fog hose with 60 inch length is standard
      • 120VAC, 100VAC or 220VAC operation
      • Easy to use with fast set up and instant On/Off fog
      • Optional 22 inch Fog Curtain Wand that plugs into Fog Hose
      • Optional Rolling Carry Case for CRF2 storage and transport
      • Optional Cable Remote Control to operate fog generator behind a closed area

CRF4 Clean Room Fogger

Clean Room DI Water Fogger used in Pharmaceutical ISO Suites and Semiconductor Clean Rooms

    • Airflow balancing
    • Leak detection in ducts
    • Clean room laminar flow tests
    • Wet bench exhaust optimization
    • Personal safety exhaust verification
    • Chemical process equipment ventilation tests
    • Pressure balancing between rooms and spaces
    • Visualization of airflow patterns and turbulence
    • Supports Recovery Test evaluation, 100:1 recovery time as defined in ISO 14644-3
    • Supports airflow visualization tests for ISO 14644-3 ANNEX B7
    • Supports airflow visualization for NSF Standard 49, National Sanitation Foundation
    • Supports airflow visualization tests for Pharmaceutical USP 797 guidelines
    • Supports proposed USP 800 Hazardous Drug Compounding guidelines
    • Supports airflow visualization tests for Federal Standards 209E for semiconductor clean rooms

DI Water fogger

DI Water fogger carry case   OPTIONAL Carrying Case
DI Water fogger, carry case

Specifications, DI Water Fogger, Smoke Generator


CRF4 DI Water Fogger CRF2 DI Water Fogger
FOG Duration 45 minutes at full fog volume, 90 minutes at reduced volume 50 minutes
FOG Volume 1.25 cubic meters per minute using 35 piezo devices 0.26 cubic meters per minute using 9 piezo devices
Total FOG Volume 56.25 cubic meters of pure fog for 45 minutes 12.5 cubic meters for 50 minutes
Visible Fog Distances 10-15 feet 7-8 feet
FOG Type Pure Fog using DI Water or WFI Water Pure Fog using DI Water or WFI Water
Class of Clean Room Class 1 to 10,000 Class 1 to 10,000
Type of Room Clean Room, Sterile Room, ISO Suite, Medical Room Clean Room, Sterile Room, ISO Suite, Medical Room
Water capacity 9.5 liters 3.75 liters
Useable Water capacity 7.750 Liters
2.850 Liters
Liquid Weight 9.62 Kg 3.63 Kg
Power Requirements 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 14A 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 10A
Optional Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 10A 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 8A
Metric Dimensions, (H x W x D) 305 mm H x 330 mm W x 572 mm D 254 mm H x 227 mm W x 280 mm D
US Dimensions, (H x W x D) 12″ H x 13″ W x 22.5″ D 10″ H x 9″ W x 11″ D
Full Weight 22 kg (48 Lbs) 5.7 Kg (12.5 Lbs)

Deionized (DI) Water, Sterile Water and Water for Injection (WFI)

Deionized water, commonly referred to as DI water, Sterile Water and Water for Injection or WFI, are used in a DI water Fogger. These tools are often referred to as a smoke machine or smoke generator, and are used in smoke studies of fume hoods, airflow hoods, glove boxes, smaller areas. Because the DI water and WFI water have been purified in one manner or another, the resulting fog is a pure fog used to visualize the patterns of airflow. Although many people use the phrase of smoke machine and smoke study, the pure fog is technically not a smoke, which is composed of particles. The pure fog is a water vapor at 7-10 microns in diameter, at a fog density sufficient to provide a visual understanding of the airflow movement. While the CRF4 fogger produces 5 times more fog, 3 times more fog density and 2 times more visual fog distance, the CRF2 is less expensive. So each of these two smoke machines meet the particular needs of Quality Assurance managers, for either fog volume desired, or low cost desired. DI Water Foggers are used to visualize airflow turbulence, airflow balance and patterns in clean rooms, ISO suites, bio safety cabinets, fume hods, etc. The CRF2 has the operating instructions labeled on the right side of the enclosure, and the left panel provides a convenient water fill view port. DI Water Foggers support ISO 14644-3, Annex B.7 Airflow Direction Test and Visualization; USP 797 Insitu Airflow Analysis and Semi-Standards Clean Room guidelines for airflow visualization and analysis.

Theory of Operation: Ultrasonic cavitation using DI water or WFI water, a pharmaceutical Water for Injection. Use of any other liquids or chemicals will void the warranty.

The transducer is protected from electrical damage when water level is too low. The water level sensor will interrupt the input voltage to the transducer module, when the water level drops too low. This ensures long transducer life and reliability.


    1. The fog generated by this smoke generator produces microscopic vapor droplets of water. AVOID USING IN IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, WATER SENSITIVE PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT.
    1. The fan will operate with no water in the reservoir with the power switch in the ON position. This will aid in drying when the chamber is drained.
    1. To increase drain plug tension, remove the plug, rotate clockwise (CW) the front latch while holding the rear metal disk.
    1. The clean room fogger is intended to be used on a flat surface, on its feet. Tipping the fogger with water in the reservoir will damage the fogger. DO NOT OVERFILL OR TIP THE FOGGER.

Portable Fogger, CRF2 DI Water Fogger

The CRF2 provides portability using the carry handle on top of the fogger. While carrying the fogger in this manner, it is important not to slosh the water around inside the water chamber. Should you need to move the fogger while water is inside the water container, mover the fogger with slow movements, so that water does not splash inside the fogger.

Which smoke generator Is Best For my Smoke Studies?

AP35 UltraPure Fogger with adjustable 2-5 Cubic Meters fog per minute, up to 70 minutes operation and 20-30 feet visible distance.
    • When high fog purity, high fog volume and long visible airflow is needed
    • To visualizing airflow in large clean rooms, ceiling to floor
    • To fog exit velocity must not create turbulence
    • To needing to do 3D airflow modeling of airflow
    • 316L Stainless Steel enclosure with electropolish finish
    • When needing to do visualize airflow in larger cleanrooms
    • When 70 minutes of high purity fog duration is needed
    • When fog visibility of 20-30 feet distance is required
    • To fog Class 1 to Class 10,000 semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical clean rooms

* Use Hand Gloves and Face Shield when filling LN2

Use 16M ohm DI water, sterile water or WFI water

CRF4 DI Water Fogger, 1.25 Cubic Meters per minute, 45 to 90 minutes Operation
    • When budget is lower, but you can’t use LN2, yet you need high fog volume
    • When 45 minutes operation at maximum volume or 90 minutes at lower volume is desired
    • When fog visibility for 10-15 feet distance is desired
    • 316L Stainless Steel enclosure with electropolish finish
    • When fogging in enclosed areas needing a wireless remote control is desired
    • When adjustable fog volume and adjustable airflow is desired in clean rooms, sterile rooms and ISO suites
    • When fogging Class 1 or above in semiconductor and pharmaceutical clean rooms
CRF2 Fogger using DI or WFI water, 0.26 cubic meters fog per minute with 57ml fog density and 7-8 feet visual airflow.
    • When small areas such as fume hoods, airflow hoods and glove boxes
    • When fog visibility of 7-8 feet is needed
    • When 50 minutes of fog duration is useful
    • polyethylene enclosure
    • When fogging small areas
    • Class 10 or above in semiconductor or pharmaceutical clean rooms
    • When fogging work benches and air hoods