Applied Physics Inc. is seeking Independent, Certified, Sterilization Service Engineers to sterilize manufacturing sites, business offices, medical rooms.

There is a significant demand for qualified, certified, sterilizing service engineers to provide sterilization services to business offices, manufacturing facilities, medical areas and pharmacy labs, as well sterilize homes and small businesses.  Applied Physics provides three Sterilization Foggers and a proprietary sterilization and disinfectant solution and we are looking to build independent relationships with Service Engineers to provide sterilization services in their local regions across the USA and International areas also. An Operating Manual is provided with purchase of a DF2S and CRF4-S, as well as MSDS, SDS documents and information / use documents. Certification and licensing may be required in your states of operation, and you are responsible for all certifications required to provide a sterilization service to your customer base.

Applied Physics USA

Applied Physics has been in business since 1992 and has the expertise to help companies and individuals looking to start a service oriented business.

Applied Physics has partnered with PhoenixiTek, a company known for branding and marketing, to build professional websites and provide marketing services, should you choose to do so, to help drive local and regional web inquiries to your Sterilizing Service website.

A professional Sterilization Service web site helps people to understand what you are providing, your understanding of the sterilization requirements, and highlights your telephone number, email address. PhoenixTek has the skill and proficiency to get you online so that local and regional companies can find your company, allowing you to develop your business as you determine best. This means that even if you are starting a sterilization business from scratch, you can immediately have a presence in your area.

PhoenixTek can provide the following:

  • Build website with your company’s branding, designed to convert web traffic into calling customers;
  • Design the site with proper keywords letting Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines find your web site by customers hunting for your service;
  • Implement software (CRM) to allow you to letting you manage client inquiries.
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