Portable Cleanroom Fogger, CRF4

Get a quote for ISo 14644 and ISO 14644-3 certified smoke study using a CRF4 fogger from Applied Physics, Inc. The low-cost cleanroom fogger is used in ISO suites, sterile rooms and medical rooms.


The CRF2 Cleanroom Fogger uses 9 ultrasonic devices to create 0.26 cubic meters pure fog per minute to visualize airflow patterns and turbulence in smoke tests of ISO suites and semiconductor clean rooms. USP 797 In-situ Airflow Analysis and ISO 14644-3, B7 guidelines support smoke studies. Airflow Recovery tests using PSL spheres and the CRF2 Cleanroom Fogger are guided by ISO 14644-3, B-12. The CRF2 would typically be used in smaller airflow areas, such as fume hoods, airflow hoods, small glove boxes using ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 or USP 797 in smoke studies.

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