Enhanced Sealing with Teflon Seal for 316SS RAS Assembly




  • Teflon Seal, specifically designed for use with the 316SS Remote Air Sampler (RAS) Assembly, serves as a critical component to ensure enhanced sealing performance. Crafted with precision, this Teflon Seal is engineered to complement the robust 316SS construction of the RAS Assembly
  • Compatible with both the 316SS RAS Assembly and the Open Flow Inlet Cover on the P100, this Teflon Seal is a versatile solution for achieving a secure and airtight seal,
  • contributing to the efficiency and accuracy of air sampling procedures.
  • Its durable and inert Teflon composition adds to its reliability, making it an essential accessory for maintaining the integrity of the sampling environment.
  • Whether used in conjunction with the RAS Assembly or the Open Flow Inlet Cover on the P100.
  • Teflon Seal plays a crucial role in elevating the performance and dependability of air sampling systems, ensuring precision and consistency in sample collection.
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