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AP35 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger




AP35 Ultrapure Portable Cleanroom Fogger generates ≈ 5.0 cu. meters fog per minute, ≈ 571 ml fog density per minute, ≈ 60 minutes operation, ≈ 20 – 30 feet visual fog with 2 fog outputs.

The AP35 Ultrapure Portable Cleanroom Fogger is superb in supporting video and visual fog requirements with a very dense ultrapure fog output using LN2 and water. The AP35 provides 3X more fog volume, 2X more fog density and 2X more visual fog distance than the competitive, smaller ultrapure fogger. The AP35 is a superb portable cleanroom fogger for airflow visualization needs in pharmaceutical ISO suites and semiconductor clean rooms.

Ultrapure foggers are compared in fogger performance by determining Fog Density over time.

A Ultrapure Nitrogen Fogger uses LN2 and De-ionized Water or WFI water to generate a very dense, ultrapure fog for the best visualization of airflow patterns, direction, turbulence, dead zones and airflow velocity in clean rooms, ISO suites, sterile rooms, barrier isolators and medical rooms. Adjustable fog output is provided from 2 to 5 CUBIC METERS of ultrapure fog per minute with a typical 20-30 feet of visualization of turbulence in the airflow and around equipment. 3D airflow modeling is superb with the AP35 Ultrapure fogger. No contamination is created and no clean up of any kind is required after fog process is complete. High fog density is needed to visualize airflow and turbulence in large cleanrooms. Fog density affects how visual the airflow is and controls the distance the airflow is visible to your eye or to a video camera. To determine fog density of your fogger, determine your liquid volume in milli-liters and determine the normal operating time. Liquid volume in milliliters / total minutes = fog density per minute. Which ultrapure Nitrogen fogger is best for the cost? The AP35 uses 35 L (35000 ml) of LN2 and 5L (5000ml) of water. 40 total liters (40,000 ml) liquid operating over a 70 minute time. The AP35 Fog Density calculation is: 40000 ml / 70 minutes run time or about 571.5 ml per minute fog density; i.e. 571.5 ml liquid converted to fog each minute. Competitive foggers convert less about 9 liters of LN2 and 2 L of DI Water, which calculates the fog density at about 244 ml fog density per minute during a 45 minute operation. The AP35 Ultrapure Portable Cleanroom Fogger produces twice the fog density, twice the visual airflow distance and 3.5 times the fog volume as compared to other ultrapure foggers, and the cost of the AP35 is nearly the same as competitive LN2 foggers.

Nitrogen Fog Generator, Ultrapure, Clean Room Portable Fogger, 5 cubic meters ultrapure fog per minute

Ultrapure fogger – The AP35 LN2 fogger is used in clean rooms, sterile rooms and ISO suites providing visualization of airflow, flow patterns, dead spaces and turbulence. Nitrogen fog generators provide a high purity fog to support Pharmaceutical guidelines, USP 797 In-Situ Airflow Analysis, ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 guidelines and Federal Standards 209E in semiconductor clean rooms. It uses a modular design for simple operation and maintenance. A Nitrogen Fogger uses two sources to produce an ultra pure fog. The process combining the liquid nitrogen and DI water includes boiling the liquid nitrogen and DI water. As the LN2 and DI water boils, the vapor droplets are combined to form the highest purity of fog and highest fog density, which is not matched by any other type of fogger. UltraPure fog provides the greatest visible distance of the airflow turbulence, patterns. The ultrapure fog can easily describe how airflow is balanced in a sterile room or ISO suite. The nitrogen fog generator is sometimes referred to as a smoke machine by facility staff. In fact it does not produce smoke at all, which would be a particulate type of fog. The manner in which the nitrogen fogger produces fog causes DI Water and liquid nitrogen to boil in separate LN2 dewar. The DI water comes to high temperature forming a water vapor composed of vapor droplets less than 2 microns in diameter. Although DI water is quite clean, there is some remaining residue in the DI water. During the DI Water heating process, any remaining residue in the DI water gets attracted to the walls of the DI Water chamber, which is grounded. This helps to provide an ultra pure fog using a typical 16 Meg Ohm Distilled water or WFI water for injection. The water vapor droplets then pass over the Liquid Nitrogen Dewar, where the LN2 boils at room temperature. The resulting combination of water droplet and nitrogen droplet forms an ultrapure fog droplet at a nominal 2-3 micron diameter; which creates a very dense, low pressure, ultra pure fog. The high density of ultra pure fog droplets provides the best visualization of the airflow and turbulence, increases the distance at which one can see the airflow and it is the most pure form of fog that can be used in a cleanroom. An ultrapure, nitrogen fog generator creates a particle free, non-contaminating, high purity fog, leaving no residue behind as the ultra pure fog evaporates back to the air components that we breathe, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. The fog enters the airflow at very low pressure, thus it does not create a turbulence, making the UltraPure nitrogen fogger the best cleanroom fogger suitable for use in Class 1 – 100,000 clean rooms for airflow, turbulence visualization, flow balancing and contaminant transport studies around process tools. This ultra pure fog is typically used to support USP 797 In-Situ Airflow Analysis in Pharmaceutical sterile rooms, barrier isolators and ISO 1-9 suites.

Compare AP35, AP100 Ultrapure LN2 Fogger, CRF4 Cleanroom Fogger to Competitive Fogger

Product ModelAP100 LN2 FoggerAP35 LN2 FoggerCRF4 FoggerOther LN2 Foggers
FOG Minutesabout 90 minutes60 – 70 minutesabout 45 minutesfrom 25-45 minutes
FOG Volume (Cu. M. per Min)about 15.5 cu. Meters per min, 2 to 4 fog hosesabout 5.0 cu. Meters per min, 1 to 2 fog hosesabout 1.25 cubic meters per minutefrom 0.8 to 1.5 cubic meters per minute
FOG Volume (Cu. Meters)about 1162 cu. M.about 350 cu. M.about 56.25 cu. M.about 16 to 60 cu. M.
Fog Density (milli-liters per min.)about 1520 mL per min.about 571 mL per min.about 187 mL per min.about 150 ml to 260 mL per min.
Visual Fog Distance in feetabout 30 – 40 ftabout 20 – 30 ftabout 10 – 15 ftabout 10 – 15 ft
Fog Volume AdjustmentsYes, through hand valve controlYes, through hand valve controlYes, through touchpad and wirelessNo fog volume control
Airflow Velocity Adjustmentsthrough touchpad and wirelessthrough touchpad and wirelessthrough touchpad and wirelessNo control of airflow
Equipment DesignUltrapureUltrapureUltrasonicUltrapure
Liquids UsedLN2 + DI Water, Sterile Water or WFILN2 + DI Water, Sterile Water or WFIDI Water, Sterile Water or WFILN2 + DI Water or WFI
Class of CleanroomClass 1 to 10000 or stage FogClass 1 to 10000Class 1 to 10000Class 1 to 10000
Smoke Study GuidesUSP 797USP 797USP 797USP 797
Other GuidelinesISO 14644-3, Annex B7ISO 14644-3, Annex B7ISO 14644-3, Annex B7ISO 14644-3, Annex B7
Federal StandardsFederal Standards 209EFederal Standards 209EFederal Standards 209EFederal Standards 209E
ISO ComplianceISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2ISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2ISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2ISO Standard 14644-1, 14644-2
Deionized, Sterile or WFI Volume10 L, 2 water heaters5 L, 1 water heater9.5 L1 to 3 L
LN2 Volume100 liters35 litersNo LN2 used6-10 liters
Operator ControlTouchpad control of airflowTouchpad control of airflowTouchpad control of fog volume & airflowPower Switch, no fog controls
Wireless ControlAirflow Wireless controlAirflow Wireless controlWireless control or airflow and fog volumeNo Wireless Control of fog
Handles or WheelsWheels on SS EnclosureWheels on SS EnclosureCarry Handles on top and frontHandles, no wheeled enclosure
Constructionelectro polish 316L Stainless Steelelectro polish 316L Stainless Steelelectro polish 316L Stainless SteelhStainless Steel or painted metal
Plug in Power220 VAC120, 220, 100 VAC120, 220, 100 VAC120, 220, 100 VAC
Weight with Full Liquidsabout 398 poundsabout 250 poundsabout 65 poundsfrom 50 to 75 pounds
Accessories1-8 optional Accs1-9 optional Accs1-7 optional AccsSeveral optional Accs


The AP35 Ultrapure Fogger is used in smoke studies requiring higher volumes of ultrapure fog. No fog contamination and no clean room clean up is required after use. Operating instructions are emailed as a PDF manual.

Theory of Operation: Ultrapure fog generation using liquid nitrogen and DI water or WFI Water. Use of any other liquids or chemicals will void the warranty.

Direct operation or wireless remote control operation is provided.

  1. The AP35 produces higher volumes of ultrapure fog with a fog vapor diameter of 2-3 microns. AVOID USING IN IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, WATER SENSITIVE PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT.
  2. The LN2 fogger is intended for use on a flat surface. DO NOT OVERFILL OR TIP THE FOGGER DURING OPERATION.

Cleanroom Ultrapure Fogger Features

Ultrapure Nitrogen Fog Generator with Fog Curtain
  • Adjustable volume of ultrapure fog to visualize airflow and describe direction, velocity and patterns in airflow
  • Modular design provides a simple design and easy operation
  • Standard Direct Control, or remote control by wireless key fob to operate behind a closed wall or closed area
  • Visualize unwanted gas emission locations and dead zones
  • Testing with ISO 14644-3 ANNEX B7 airflow visualization
  • Testing with Federal Standards 209E in semiconductor cleanrooms
  • Testing with Pharmaceutical USP 797 Guidelines and airflow visualization
  • Testing with NSF 49 National Safety Foundation for airflow visualization
  • Testing with the USP 800 Hazardous Drug Compounding for airflow visualization
  • Supports airflow visualization test for Semiconductor Semi-Standards Guidelines
  • Track routes of unwanted air flow infiltration and air balance of clean rooms
  • No particle contamination created, no particle contamination left behind, evaporating back to air we breathe
  • No cleanup of any kind after fogging of airflow
  • Superb 3D airflow modeling capabilities with high density fog, 533ml per minute converted to fog
  • Very low fog exit pressure, no exit turbulence as fog enters airflow
  • Compact, transportable, shipping case
  • Standard fog stream output from 5 meter transparent fog hose
  • For use in sterile rooms, medical rooms, ISO 1 to 9 suites and semiconductor clean rooms
  • High density fog visualization provides the best airflow visualization of any fogger in the market
  • Exhaust and ventilation studies around wafer handling systems
  • Air balance studies in Pharmaceutical suites and clean rooms
Fog Curtain

Cleanroom Ultrapure Fogger Advantages – Request a Quote

  • Highest fog density by converting 571 ml of liquid per minute to an ultrapure fog
  • Greatest visible airflow distances of 20 to 30 feet
  • Excellent volume of ultrapure fog at 5 cubic meters per minute
  • Total volume of 375 cubic meters of ultrapure fog per operating cycle
  • Fog operating time of about 70 minutes
  • No contamination is created, no cleanup is required, no contamination to the process
  • Adjustable fog volume and velocity to tune fog to your clean room dynamics
  • Roller castors for easy movement over floor
  • 80mm wide fog hose, 3.15″
  • User Friendly display and touch pads or wireless remote control FOB
  • Stainless steel contacts the LNG and DI Water for best purity of fog
  • very low fog exit pressure that does not create a disturbance to airflow
  • No metal contamination to fog using Stainless Steel water heater and LNG Dewar
  • Optional High Contrast Light accessory to provide high contrast between visualized airflow and background
  • Optional 350 mm Fog Nozzle accessory to spread standard fog stream out around equipement
  • Optional Y Adaptor accessory to convert single fog output into two separate fogger hoses for two separate fog inputs to your clean room
  • Optional T Adaptor accessory to convert single fog output into two Fog Curtain Wands to spread fog pattern out across wide area
  • Optional Y Adaptor for 2 fog hose output from AP35
  • Optional 1.3 Meter Fog Curtain Wand to spread fog stream out into a wide fog pattern
  • Easy DI Water and LN2 (LNG) fill up

* Fog distance measured at 40% humidity and air velocity of 90fpm. Visual fog distance decreases as humidity decreases or as airflow velocity increases.

Very dense, Stream Fog

Which Smoke Generator Is Better For Smoke Studies?

Cleanroom UltraPure Fogger, 5 Cubic Meters per minute for 70 minutes with 20-30 feet visible distance.
  • When high fog purity, high fog volume and long visible airflow is needed
  • To visualizing airflow in large clean rooms, ceiling to floor
  • To fog exit velocity must not create turbulence
  • To needing to do 3D airflow modeling of airflow
  • When needing to do visualize airflow in larger cleanrooms
  • When 70 minutes of high purity fog duration is needed
  • When fog visibility of 20-30 feet distance is required
  • To fog Class 1 to Class 10,000 semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical clean rooms

* Use Hand Gloves and Face Shield when filling LN2
Use 16M ohm DI water or WFI Pharmaceutical Water

Clean Room Fogger, 9cfm, 50 minutes Operation
  • When budget is lower, basic Fogger OK, minimal output turbulence
  • When 50 minutes of fog duration is useful with quick turnaround
  • When fog visibility for 7-8 feet distance is acceptable
  • When fogging gray areas behind the cleanroom
  • When fogging ≥ Class 10 or above in semiconductor or pharmaceutical clean rooms
CO2 Fogger, Vapor DiH2O Fogger, average 4cfm over 10 minutes
  • When Fogging Hazardous areas, No Electrical Outlet Available
  • When fog visibility for 4-6 feet distance is acceptable
  • When 10 minutes of fog duration is useful
  • When fogging small areas
  • Class 10 or above in semiconductor or pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • When fogging work benches

16 Meg ohm DI water is standard or WFI Water
Do not permit DI Water to go stagnant in the water chamber
** Use gloves when handling CO2 ice

AP35 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger From Applied Physics Inc.AP35 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger From Applied Physics Inc.


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