Compressed Air Sampler- V100 Controller with RCG



V100 Controller with RCG Compressed Air Sampler offers a complete package for efficient and reliable air sampling in compressed gas or confined space environments

Key Features:

  1. V100 Controller: The core of the system, providing centralized control and monitoring functions for seamless operation.
  2. RCG Air Sampler (Compressed Gas/Confined Space): Specifically designed for sampling in compressed gas and confined space scenarios, ensuring precise and reliable air quality data.
  3. Inlet Dome Options: Choose between 50 LPM or 100 LPM Inlet Dome to suit your specific flow rate requirements. Specify your preference when placing the order.
  4. Dome and Sanitary Inlet Assembly: Equipped with a Dome Clip for secure attachment, facilitating a sanitary and efficient inlet assembly.
  5. High-Pressure Diffuser: Select the appropriate diffuser based on your flow rate choice (28.3/50 or 75/100 LPM fittings), ensuring optimal performance in high-pressure environments.
  6. Dome Inlet to Drop Assembly: Includes essential components such as Sanitary Fittings, Sanitary Clamps, Gaskets, and 30” Hytrel Tubing for a complete and effective setup.
  7. Vacuum/Cable Assembly: Choose the suitable assembly length (standard 12’ assembly) for a flexible and reliable connection.
  8. IR Remote Control (5-Channel): Enables convenient remote control of the air sampling system, ensuring ease of use.
  9. NIST Traceable Calibration and Certificate: Provides a reliable calibration reference, ensuring accuracy and compliance with standards.
  10. Standard 2-Year Warranty: Backed by a standard warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of product quality.
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