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Applied Physics, Inc. (ÅP™), TEL: 1-720-635-3931, provides PSL spheres, SiO2 particles in DI Water solution, bulk silica powder, polystyrene latex beads, contamination wafer standard, smoke generator, portable fogger, DI Water Fogger, CO2 fogger, LN2 fogger, M2001 portable fogger, room sanitizer for decontamination, cascade impactors and nano-MOUDI products.

Particle, Calibration Wafer Standard The Particle Calibration Wafer Standard is a prime silicon wafer deposited with SiO2 particles at specific sizes between 40nm and 10um with NIST Traceability and narrow size distribution. It is provided with a spot deposition or full dep and controlled particle count to calibrate the size accuracy of SSIS wafer inspection tools using high powered lasers.
PSL, Contamination Wafer Standard The PSL Contamination Wafer Standard is a prime silicon wafer deposited with polystyrene latex spheres at specified sizes from 40nm to 10um with NIST Traceability and narrow size distribution. It is provided with a spot or full deposition and controlled particle count to calibrate the size accuracy of SSIS wafer inspection tools.
DI Water Fogger The DI Water Fogger is a portable clean room fogger for airflow visualization of clean room air, patterns and turbulence. Distilled Water or Water for Injection (WFI) is converted to a pure fog vapor for about 60 minutes at 9cfm to support guidelines for semiconductor clean rooms and Pharmaceutical in-situ airflow analysis.
M2001 Fogger The Model 2001, M2001, is a portable fogger using Distilled Water and liquid nitrogen (LN2) to create an ultrapure fog for 35-40 minutes at 15cfm to visualize airflow and turbulence in Semiconductor Clean Rooms and Pharmaceutical suites.
CO2 Fogger The CO2 Fogger is a smoke generator using DI Water and CO2 Ice for airflow visualization to produce a dense fog of about 6cfm for 6-10 minutes, depending on volume of CO2 ice used. The CO2 fog works well in video smoke studies to visually describe airflow, patterns and turbulence in Clean Rooms and Pharmaceutical ISO suites guided by USP 797 Pharmaceutical In-Situ Airflow Analysis.
PSL Spheres are produced with NIST Size Traceability from 20 nanometers to 160 microns. Polystyrene Latex Spheres are used as size standards with a refractive index about 1.53. PSL spheres are suspended in a DI Water solution at a specific size in an atomizer or nebulizer, which is used to create a particle aerosol with a narrow particle size distribution and be analyzed by a laser particle counter or SSIS wafer inspection system for size response calibration.
Clean Room Fogger The Clean Room Fogger, often called a smoke generator, uses DI Water or WFI water to produce 9cfm of pure, on demand vapor fog for 60 minutes; resulting in airflow visualization of clean room air, patterns and turbulence. Foggers are used in smoke studies of Pharmaceutical ISO suites, a requirement of USP 797 Pharmaceutical In-Situ Airflow Analysis.
Silica is available in bulk, dry powder from 200nm to 2 microns in 1 kilogram increments from 1 Kilo to 200 Kilos. Silica is used in CMP slurries, lens polishing, mesoporous silica nano-particles (MSN), Thin Film, Solar Cell Manufacturing and Nano-Composites.
SiO2 Particles SiO2 Particles are spherical and mixed in 15ml of Di Water Solution with 10% concentration of Silica. The CV is quite narrow at very specific sizes from 20nm to 3 microns, providing a monodisperse particle size distribution.
Room Sanitizer Compound Pharmacy, ISO 5-9 Suites and Medical Rooms require a room sanitizer for decontamination. The Dry Fog 2 system is a clean room bio-decontamination system providing a highly effective and safe hydrogen peroxide based, aerosol fog disinfectant.
  M2001 UltraPure Fogger Clean Room Fogger Microbial Air Sampler  
M2001 Fogger Clean Room Fogger Microbial Air Sampler
Clean Room Fogger, DI Water Fogger, Model 2001 Fogger, Portable Fogger and UltraPure LN2 Fogger are used in smoke studies of barrier isolators and ISO suites in support USP 797 guidelines for insitu analysis of airflow, patterns and turbulence. The Microbial Air Sampler is used to monitor unwanted fungal and bacterial growth in ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 9 Filling Lines.

Our 2300XP1 Particle Deposition System deposits PSL Spheres, silica and SiO2 particles to produce contamination Wafer Standards from 40 nanometers to 10 microns on Prime Silicon wafers, blank photo masks or your FILM WAFERS. We also deposit on glass substrates at 285mm x 285mm, or special applications of 515 x 515mm glass substrates to support Rudolph tools. Contamination Wafer Standards are used for size calibration of KLA-Tencor Surfscan SP1, KLA-Tencor Surfscan SP2, Surfscan SP3, Surfscan SP5, Surfscan SPx, Surfscan 6420, Surfscan 6220, Surfscan 6200, ADE, Hitachi and Topcon SSIS, wafer inspection systems. Contamination Wafer Standards using PSL Spheres are used to calibrate the size response curves on pattern and non-patterned wafer surface inspection systems (SSIS tools). SiO2 nano-particles have nearly the same refractive index as PSL, thus SiO2 laser response is quite similar, allowing SiO2 particles to be used to create true particle, size response curves for the higher powered SPx Surfscan wafer inspection system. PSL Spheres and SiO2 particles can be deposited on 450mm to 100mm prime silicon wafers for size calibration of your SSIS tools and laser particle counters.

Our CRF-2 Clean Room Fogger is priced lower with a light weight, white polypropylene enclosure using DI Water or WFI Water to provide the second highest fog volume at 9cfm for 60 minutes. The The M2001 portable fogger produces the highest volume of fog at 15cfm for about 35-40 minutes using LN2 and DI Water.

Bulk Silica powder is used in CMP slurries, which is a chemical, mechanical polish of prime silicon wafers and glass lenses. Nano-MOUDI and Cascade Impactor are provided to Science Universities and laboratories for aerosol research. Applied Physics staff know our products very well and provide superb customer support.

Clean Room Fogger, DI Water Fogger

Clean Room Fogger We offer a variety of clean room foggers for smoke studies to visualize airflow and turbulence. The M2001 LN2 Fogger and Clean Room Fogger are used in smoke studies for Pharmaceutical suites and semiconductor clean rooms. The M2001 Fogger, UltraPure LN2 fogger and DI Water Fogger are called smoke generators and used to visually describe air flow, patterns and turbulence in Class 1 to 100,000 clean rooms.

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Particle Contamination Wafer Standards and PSL Wafer Standards

Particle Wafer Standards We produce PSL Contamination Wafer Standards, SiO2 Particle Contamination Wafer Standards on Prime Silicon Wafers and your FILM Wafers. NIST traceable, PSL Wafer Contamination Standards and Particle Contamination Wafer Standards are provided from 40nm to 10um on 100mm to 450mm wafers to calibrate KLA-Tencor SP1, KLA-Tencor SP2, KLA-Tencor SP3, Topcon, ADE and Hitachi wafer inspection systems.

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PSL Spheres, Polystyrene Latex Beads, Silica

PSL Spheres PSL Spheres and polystyrene latex beads typical 1% concentration in 15ml DI Water; or Surf-Cal, pre-mixed PSL Spheres.
Silica nanoparticles in 2Kg increments, Bulk, Dry Powder Silica for CMP slurries, nano-composites, high pressure liquid chromatography and mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSN). SiO2 Particles in 15ml of DI Water Solution for size calibration from 20nm to 2 microns.

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Condensation Particle Counter

Condensation Particle Counter Monitor and count unwanted aerosol particle contamination with water based, Condensation Particle Counter in aerosol, high purity gas lines at 5nm and above with flowrates of 1 LPM and 3 LPM.

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Cascade Impactor, Nano MOUDI and MOUDI Impactor

Cascade Impactor Cascade Impactor provides sharp cut points for high resolution particle sampling from 10nm to 18um. We offer the MOUDI and Nano-MOUDI, cascade impactors, the Nano-MOUDI Impactor and Non-Rotating, Cascade Impactors

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DryFog Room Sanitizer

Room SanitizerDry Fog, Room Sanitizer provides superb decontamination of bacterial and fungal growth in a compound pharmacy, as well as ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 9 Pharmaceutical suites. The Dry Fogger is designed to kill microbiological contamination in compound pharmacies, pharma ISO suites. Sanitizing Fogger creates an aerosol disinfectant, which evaporates to a vapor, coming in contact with any surface area (walls, equipment, floors, etc.) killing off fungi and bacteria. Sanitize a Compound Pharmacy.

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